Friday, July 1, 2016

Week 96

What what what what!!!!
Dad, when you told me a couple of weeks ago that the Bishop Welsch was getting released, my comp told me you were going to be called in the bishopric haha!
How do you feel pops? I bet a little stunned? I would be haha.
Well now I know you can’t go inactive haha.  Well, there was a counselor here who went inactive. It was weird. Mostly because he never came. He said he lived far from the ward... but we do too... like 2 minutes in car haha.
I would enjoy it if you would start installing that mosquito net over my bed at home.  We washed ours today. It smells like cotton goodness.
Let’s see, other than that all is well here. We are doing good and loving it. We are teaching Danela a lot in the last week. Helping her get to baptism and all. She loves the church.
All is well in the district. The other elders had attendance after 6 weeks! So that was a breakthrough. The other elders had a confirmation and well, We are doing good, but we do need to do better.
I’m trying to just keep myself in the mission mode. My comp is really doing a good job with that, and tells me ''remember in your prayers to ask to not be trunky'' hahahahaha.

I really love my comp. He and I get along extremely well. I really am glad i get to be with new missionaries.
I haven’t  gotten past the chapter 13 of alma for more than a week. There is just so much to learn about the priesthood there. But there is one verse that caught my eye.

 10 Pues como decía respecto al santo orden, o sea, este sumo sacerdocio, hubo muchos que fueron ordenados y llegaron a ser sumos sacerdotes de Dios; y fue por motivo de su fe excepcional y arrepentimiento, y su rectitud ante Dios, porque prefirieron arrepentirse y obrar rectamente más bien que perecer;

 11 por tanto, fueron llamados según este santo orden, y fueron santificados, y sus vestidos fueron blanqueados mediante la sangre del Cordero.
We are called to this priesthood and we can become more and more perfect though the atonement of Christ.
I really liked that. The atonement isn’t just for when we are bad, but it’s also to help us progress and repent of little things and become better.
And I think that’s what I want to be, better every day. I got to be better at that part.
Well dad. I love you have a good week. Tell mom that I love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  her. As well Jarrett., even if he doesn’t  want to give me back my room.
Love Elder Pead

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