Friday, July 8, 2016

Week 97

Well dad, it sounds like you must be super busy with the ward.

This week went well. We have Danela who is progressing well and picked up a few new investigators. They attended church and were super confused! because it was fast and testimony meeting and the district leaders came to take about plans... so we hope they weren't scared.

Let's see, what else, we have this family who is coming along well, the father is coming to church and reading the book of Mormon.
I'm really tired and sleeping and I feel like sleeping. ughhh.

I really did enjoy this week. The other elders in the district are having some troubles, so we have planed some divisions.
we'll see.

Tell mom and jarrbar I love them and i'll talk to you guys next week.

OH AND BY THE WAY! The recent converts, (2) are going to the temple!

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