Thursday, November 26, 2015

Week 65

Hey guys,

So this week what can I say? We have two investigators with baptismal date!. Do you know how great that is? That is really great!  I love it! It feels good and also I feel relieved. We are really hyped about that. Hoping that everything goes good this week with them.

This week we have a good plan of how to get our area to progress more. I will be on the lookout for the packages you sent thanks.

This week we have Sister Mendez who will be going home, ending her mission.  We will be trying to help her get through the week and send her off in style.

Yes dad, I have been studying Spanish more this week and I know what you mean when you say we should always continue to study more.  It feels good to study more.  Thanks.

This is the last week of this transfer. My companion is kind of trunky to leave this area. We are still focusing on contacting all the time and meeting new people. We will see what happens come transfers.

Just trying to continue to see how we can help the area be better. Trying to come up with good ways to help the area and our district do better. We are going to be doing a district fast this week and we know that it will help us do good during this week.

I will be putting into practice your advice. Life is good if you make it so. So, make it so!
So,  I will make it so.  Super so.

Love you guys. Talk to you next week.

Elder Pead

the golden plates of elder pead

time for service

new keys to the house

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Week 64- Photos from Halloween

No letter for the Blog this Week.  Just photos from Halloween.

Elder Pead Forgot to shave

Friday, November 13, 2015

Week 63

Hey mom and dad,

Had a great week this week. This week we have been teaching the people we found last week. We have been teaching them and some of them just wanted to fight with us. We have learned that when we have a special lessons, we try to focus on teaching the people and not just teaching a lesson. It's great to see the progress and how we are becoming better teachers.

Hey, we actually finally got a new DVD player this week. So we are watching episodes of the district. It's been really great to see the progress of how we are becoming better teachers.

I had an interview with my mission president this week and it was really nice.  It's great to see how he always helps me to become a better person. It's always great to be able to talk to him.

Cool, that you guys went to the David Archuleta concert. Mom, I'm reading your note. I am laughing so hard.  Yes, I will try to be more like David Archuleta!

It's great that Jarrett in his prayers says bless Dallin in Colombia every day. I love him so much.

I laughed a lot when I saw the photos mom sent of the zoo in Cali.  Bacano. (Dallin's mom has started watching a  Colombian Novela filmed in Cali.  When she saw the Cali  Zoo that Dallin had been to a few weeks ago, she started jumping up-and-down and screaming very loudly. Of course she had to pause the show, take pictures of the screen and send them to Dallin.)

This week that is coming up we will be finding more people to teach. It was a lot of hard work this week, we find these great people and work with them and hey we had some investigators come to church this week  that hadn't come in a while and it was great to see them. We are really just focusing on their needs.  It is so important that we always have the spirit with us to be able to help them.

Want you to know that I really do love you guys and miss you a lot. This week I received answers to my prayers. I have been thinking a lot about Jesus Christ and how he wants us to become perfect like him. I have been trying to think of the things I can do better to remember him and be more like him.

Love you guys,  have a great week.

Elder Pead

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 62

Hey mom and dad,

This week was actually, a good week. We found some good people to teach.  This week I had a split with one of the zone leaders.  He was also my zone leader in Pasto.  Well he came and spent some time with me.  Also one of the assistants to the president came and was with us.  To be honest it was great.  I learned a lot.  We talked about how we as children of God can do great things.

We have been doing a lot of street contacting the week.  I haven't like to do street contacting but now it is getting fun.  We have found some good people.  We have 11 new investigators this week.  Some might not progress very well.  Others are really great.  One family has a family member who is a recent convert.

We just have to keep doing the best we can and really put forth the effort.  I have always loved being here in the mission.  This week I have been thinking a lot about why I am here.  Do I want to do things I want to do or things God wants me to do?   I have been putting this to the test and I have learned a lot.  I am very happy.  I feel good.

Also I am trying to do more bonding with my companion so we can be better friends and companions.  I have learned to have more patience and be humble.  Also to be grateful for what I have.

Also I learned to not eat so many papas rellenos ( stuffed potatoes). Been eating a lot of those lately.

Glad you guys had a great week and had a fun Halloween.  I saw the photo you sent.  You look happy.  Jarrett's mustache is really freaking me out.

Thanks for all your advice.  I read it over and over through the week.  It really helps.  We always need to look at ourselves and change for the better.

Love you guys,  have a great week

Elder Pead