Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 18 - I am getting a new Companion

Hey dad,

It's you son reading your letter now.  so I have a lot of news for you guys.  My Companion Elder Prieto is getting transferred.  So today we are really rushing our time.  Usually here in the mission field we have an hour to write, so we are rushing it today.  Right after this we are going straight to print photos and visit families because today is his last day.  Because the day of transfers is tomorrow instead of two days from now. So we are really trying to do things fast.

What else can I tell you? So I'm getting a new comp. his name is Elder Bautista. Don't know a lot about him. I hope that everything is going to go fine with him. I'll get to see him tomorrow I'm really excited. I heard he's from my group. Don't remember him but I guess he's from my group. We don't know much about what's happening all we know is he's coming. I have to go to Cali to get him.
So yeah, wish me luck with that.

I'm really glad that Shaylee, Bowen, Ashley, Darren and Mellody and everyone could go to our house and see Klint's homecoming. Tell Klint I said hi and sorry I didn't write him much, now I know how he felt in the mission field. I love you guys very much.

The  cholados  you guys made were fantastic. I was telling everyone that you guys made cholados . They know I love cholados it's a new family tradition. The only have them here in Jamundi. In Cali or any other part of Colombia they don't have them like they do here.

I'm really glad we got to Skype last week. I'm really blessed. I will be sending some pictures today not all of them. Don't have a lot of time to upload today. But I sent you a few. Hopefully next week I'll be able to send more.

Love you guys so much, thanks for everything.

Elder Pead

Audio from Elder Pead

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Feliz Navidad Week 17

Feliz Navidad

Hey everyone! i just wanted to say Merry Christmas and I love you guys!
I hope everyone is doing fine! Be sure to have a safe Christmas and as well also remember what is the real reason for Christmas. I hope you guys do!!! Remember Him, and show your love for Him. I love you guys! MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Elder Pead

Skyping  with the Family
Talking about how the Elders want to use hats like Grampa Pead used on his mission.
Elder Robert Dean Pead in the Eastern States Mission

We made him Cry

And we made him laugh

Loved to see his Brother

Mom is Happy to Speak Spanish with her Son!

Three Elders from St. George Serving in the Cali Zone
Elder Pead, Elder Stevenson and Elder Ipson.
Zone Conference December 22,2014

Elder Sacco will be moving to St. George after the mission.

Elder Pead with Jose Camilo(a new member of the church)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 16- This week, it's been a blast

Hey everyone! This week, It's been a blast.
We contacted a bunch of people and I'm really really loving my area... so that just means I'll be getting transferred sooon haha. I don't think I will, just like, in 8 weeks I bet.

This week I went on splits with Elder Brunales, and we went to this investigators house in this mountain village...
I went there like, 2 times, but we had a member with us to drive us up and back, but this time, we had to take a bus back, and I didn't know where the bus was... so we walked for like, 30 minutes, talking about our impending death, when we decided to pray and ask for guidance on what to do about the bus not showing up.
We prayed and I felt the impression to stay, but Brunales said we should keep walking. I really didn't know if I felt an impression, or it was just me, so I shrugged it off and we walked. He then said, lets sing himnos! (hymns)  So we did,  and as we were in mid song, a huge bus passed us, we then stopped and he asked me, Did that bus say Jamundi?  Then I said Yup...
We then looked at each other, and then booked it back.
We got home safe and ate pan(bread).

So yeah, my week has been a blast.
Love you all! Hope you enjoy the many photos from my camera!!!
Write when you can!
Elder Pead

Parts of Letter to Home

Heyyyy daddy-o
This week has gone by fasssst. like really fast.

Yes, we will be skyping you on either the 24th or the 25th
I think it will be the 24, mostly because everything will be closed on the 25.
We have 60 minutes to chat, and it shall be a blast!
What time is good for you?  There is a two hour difference here, so you will need to tell me ahead of time.

Yeahhhh packagesssss. I love love love them. I'll let you know when I get it.

Tell Klint I said hi, I was thinking about him the other day.(Dallin's Cousin Klint is returning home from his mission in Philadelphia this week)

Tell Jarrett I love him dearly.

Letter to Mom

hola mama! yo estoy bien! muchas cosas ese semana y te estrano mucho tiembien!
la obra es duro, pero nosotros tenemos nuevos investigadores para trabajar.
te quiero mucho, con amor

Elder Pead.

This have been real fast this week pop, but hey that good. We got a lot of new investigators, so we got our work cut out for us!

I'll be sending pictures this week as well, but MAKE SURE, you get all the ones on drop box DOWNLOADED and printed, because I'll be deleting them all this next week to make room. I need the space pop.

love you lots,
Elder Pead

Sweet Christmas Ties