Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 91- House Problems

Well, this week was a lot of work! We found many new people to teach, and even had people accept a baptism date! Hurrah!

We are working with a recent convert's family, and they are amazing. They are having trouble reading the Book of Mormon, but are doing good. We are going to really work hard with them
Our other convert has a new calling, and he is the new pianist! So that's going to be sweet!

Oh this week, the house got flooded. Like twice. In the middle of the night and when we were cleaning up the first flood! How grand!

Other than that, we have had many great experiences this week.
We had district conference and we talked about how we are at war with Satan, and how we need to find our weapons! So we read in Ephesians 6. It's really important to never let our guard down. Like my dad told me, Satan is a dirty fighter.

That's all that happened, i think, I should really read over my journal to see what else haha.

Love you guys!

Elder Pead

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 90 - Sleep is what we desire

Well, we had a long week this week. We have been getting home super-duper tired and wanting to go to sleep

Opening area is tough, but we have had many many fruits. We had 7 people come to church but only 3 stayed the whole 3 hours.

We also had a baptism! Danial was baptized and confirmed! We are teaching his cousin and she has baptism date as well.

We are working a ton with less actives and trying to fortalice the branch. The branch president is really putting on a lot of work for us, so it’s good to be busy!  

Popayan is so great and beautiful. I think im going to like it here. Only need to clean the house. We haven’t cleaned it since we got here. It’s like, 3 floors and it’s a lot to cleannnn. But hey. Well get it done.

I would all like you to read as well 2nd Nephi 4. Talks mostly 17 till the end of the chapter. Had a lot of feels with it this week.

With love,

Elder Pead

foto attached
danial and his baptisim

Friday, May 13, 2016

Week 89 Transferred

Well, what a twist of twists. During the week, Elder Zambrano and I were working really hard to get our investigators to commit to coming to church. We even went on divisions with my Trainer to see how they were doing.

Then at like, 9:40 at night during night planning, President called and asked to speak to my comp. He got called to be the President's new secretary! So we all thought, ´´well, Elder Pead, you´ll be staying to hold the area.´´

Then I got transfered. Kind of sucks because I was in trio with the Zone Leaders for 2 days and didn’t even get to attend my branch. So I didn’t get to say good bye. Elder Montgomery had to pick up the letters everyone wrote.

But the investigators are strong. I called one to tell her about the transfer and she said ´´well, I wanted Zambrano to baptize me, then I wanted you, and now, I’ll get a new elder! Don’t worry about it, I’ll be baptized on the 21st, even if you´re not there.

She has really had a conversion with the Book of Mormon. It really does bring peace to the soul and delight in times of disappointment and grief. I know it is the word of God.

So now, I’m in Popayan! So I’ve been in every department in the mission! I'm the district leader for 3 other pairs of missionaries, and my companion Elder Chavez and I will be opening up area. It´ll be great. We have 2 baptisms planed, so um.. yeah. We better go find them.

Over all I feel good. Think I’m going go all out here. I should be an example to the district, knowing they look up to me.

Love the work. We have been walking hard in the last hour, trying to find a few members and investigators. And well, I feel good.

Feeling pains in my lower calf muscle,

Elder Pead

attached is a photo of me with Elder Chavez

ps. i got harry potters ties. so gonna us them

pss. my son is going to train a new missionary!!!!! I´m a grandfather!

New Companion Elder Chavez

Getting Called to Serve as the President's Secretary 

Saying Goodbye 

On the Road to Popayan

Arriving in Popayan

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 88 or something

Week 80 something or somewhat.  (By dad's count it's 88)

I really don't keep track.

This week had lots of people come to church! Investigators and less active members. So we have a lot to do this week. As this is the last week of transfers our goal is to build up the area in case of transfers and we do not that!

Maria Fernanda and Jayro have had many great experiences with prayer and the Book of Mormon.
Maria has told us that though the book of Mormon, she has come to know that this gospel is true, not just because of our visits. She says she feels comfort and peace when she reads it.

Jayro has had about 3 experiences with the Holy Ghost. He told us while he prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, he felt a chill overcome him and said his mind was clear and felt a calming sensation.
Then in the chapel during the closing prayer in gospel principles class, he said he closed his eyes and saw Jesus. He said he was petrified at first, but calm. He is progressing well and leaving his coffee.

Myra is obeying with exactness with sanctifying the Sabbath. She has had lots of contact with a sister missionary, who is from Spain, in Salt Lake, and she is just really happy to talk to her and see her progress. She said she loved church and will be the example to her Husband to come to church.  

Recent Convert Jorge Manzi has really stepped up the plate so to say, he is giving much advice in the Elders Quorum and how we can improve and reactivate our brothers. As well as he gave the advice to the brothers to study the ordinances we do with the priesthood. (i.e. baptisms, blessings of health) he told them to go over them. ´´when I go to the doctors, I wait for about 3 hours for my appointment. I can learn these words in that time. But I don’t have the Melchizedek priesthood, you do, and you need to learn this. I’ll start preparing now.´´

I swear when this man goes to the temple I'll be coming back.

All is well. The district is fine. They found a family of gold. Glad they are doing well. It’s weird to be in charge of them, especially that my trainer is there haha.

Love my district, love my area, and I love Colombia. Especially that they have chokies. It’s like chips ahoy!

Elder Pead

Mr. Grapefruit

Shoe goo

The Gran Zone of Palmira

We are very serious

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week 87

This week we have seen a miracle here in the area.  A investigator and his family who are Inactive called us up to say they went to church the last week, and nobody was there, (we had a multi-district conference). So we went by this week, and had a brief lession and John accepted a baptism date for the 21 of May. He will be getting married before that, and today went to go get the papers filled out.
We told him he needed to come to church and assist to be baptized, because he already has a strong testimony but faults attendance. He and his family assisted the whole time.
Eline, who is 14, loved the young women’s class. She told us she didn’t want to go, but felt good after the class and is excited for next week. The two younger kids, santi and camila also enjoyed the classes. As well as Diana, who is the partner of John and member of the church.
During Priesthood, Jorge received the Aaronic priesthood. And well, afterwards, said `` I’m ready to go out, and find my lost brothers´´
As we were closing the class, John bore his testimony. There was a moment of silence, as he choked up a bit and said, ´´thank you for your support, I know this is true. ``
I realize during my whole time here, I never invited him to be baptized.
People can’t change unless we invite them to. So now, in every occasion, I try to invite people to change. My invitations are different and more meaningful.
I love this work. It’s hard sometimes, but there are always small things that make it good.


Elder Pead
ps. my comp is still limpy. He will have his therapy this Wednesday