Thursday, July 21, 2016

Week 99

Getting stressed? I understand.  You know what I do when I'm stressed, I pray. When your stressed pray. I know it's a quick answer, but if we give our all in the prayer and really talk to our Father in Heaven its works out and we feel good.

Well then race car bed it is. I'm fine with it. (Dallin's brother Jarrett will not give up the bedroom. Dallin has been told he will be sleeping in the race car bed.)

Sunday was great here as well. Gave the lesson in class. Talked about sacrifice.
Dad, we are working super hard. We have ampollas encima de nuestras ampollas.(blisters on top of our blisters)

Well this week we had a lot a lot a lot of families to teach.
We got a less active family to come to church. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THEM ALL HOLY COW DAD FOR REAL.
We got Gabiral and his wife Kony to come to church again. The sister is doing good. Just got to help her read the Book of Mormon.
Natlaia read the book of mormon, and well, she is super pillas to come to church.
All is well.

I do have a experience to tell you.
We were talking with a less active family and they told us they haven't read the book of mormon from the last time we left.
I shared the experience I had with you when you started to read the book of mormon again on your iphone. You were such a great example to me dad. I still remember that and when I shared the experience with them, they were stunned. They also come to church, all 6 of them.
If we really want people to change, we do it by example.
Thank you for being that example and I hope you are reading in Spanish with mom every day and if not, well do it. Blessings come. Mosiah 2:41

My district had a change.
Elder Woodmansee and Chiciza left.
Elder Quiroz and Elder Sanders came back.
Elder Sanders is a elder from my group (the tallest one haha)
He left the mission when I had a year. But he is back!
The Savior really changes lives. He has had a change and I'm really happy I can see him again. He will be a great missionary.

The work goes on.

Love ya

Elder Pead

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