Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 101- Final Email From the Mission Field

Well, I only got like 3 minutes to write and well, don't know what to say.
2 things.
Grandpa is in a better place. (Dallin's Grandpa Hurtado in Venezuela passed away on Saturday morning)
Tell grandma Pead, I'll be there soon. Love her much.
Natalia got baptized. Danial baptized her. She is super pillas.
All is well here.
Can't wait to see you and all.
I'm am happy, really, not because the mission is up or anything. I just feel good like, I know all is well. I left the area really well.
One brother told me, the less active we are working with, said, you were the instrument to help me come back. Thank you. I know that it was the spirit acting though you.
So yeah. All is well.
Love you. I'll bear my testimony like, tomorrow.
Love you dad.
Love you mom
See you soon!
And I'm coming tomorrow!!!!
Your son

Elder Pead