Friday, July 29, 2016

Week 100- Last full week in the Mission


We have a baptism this week. Natalia opened up and we have been teaching her this last week! She read the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized!!!
Danael (a recent convert) will baptize her!
All is well.

We have a butt ton of plans to find new people this week and an activity this Friday!

Dad, I'm gonna be running this week. President Pricoli told me to run all the way home till I get to the ward, so I'm gonna do it.
It will be a great one. I have bought all the recuerdos (souvenirs).

I gave a talk about the Book of Mormon yesterday. I love it so much. Read Mosiah 2: 41 as well.

Also gave a lesson on how a member should act in lessons and in other things... they said I was the closest to being a member so yeah.. wooooow.

This week I learned one thing ´´To stay not only active in the church but also spiritualy active is the following, Pray, Read, and Attended church.

This week I have tried to be more sincere with my prayers and I feel that they are getting better.

Reading is something we always do, but it is treasuring up the words that is hard. I need to improve on that. Attending for me is also part of the participation. If I can read the lesson before hand and give my opinion, it will be great.

Okay, we are doing great. Tonight I'm going to pack my bags and not worry about them. They had a lot of dust on them.

I'm going to run it.

Love you guys with all my heart.

Elder Pead

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