Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 4



So, this week, we got to go deep into the Gospel more. AND DANG it's tough.
Even in English sometimes it's hard to talk. haha. But all is well. I got
two new roommates, one from Venezuela, and one from Ecuador. They are soooo
cool. We had trouble with the Venezuelan for the first week, but we turned
around and decided to love him.

This week we went proselyting, and I'm not gonna lie, tough. But we got a
number! let's hope the Missionaries in Bogota North chat her up!  But really it
gave me confidence and hope, this IS the work of God.

I only have two more weeks here in the CCM, and I get my Latino companion
today.  It's kind of weird to think I've been here for about a month, I
count four weeks as a month by the way. But really. I'm happy.

The CCM has treated me well. I love it. I really am going to miss it, but I
know I can't be here forever, I gotta go out and do the Lords Work.

I saw some missionaries today at the Distribution Center, and the English
Elder really speaks well. He's been out for a year and a half, so there is
still hope for me!

I love the temple, and I would highly urge you all to go, and do everything
in your power to go and do the Lords Work. It need to be done.  Eternal
Families want to be together, and we have to only take a day out of the
week, or month to go.

I love you all guys!  Keep writing please! I won't get to respond to all, but I'll try
;)  Anyways, I got to get going, and btw, I will not be writing for like, 10
days I think... so yeah, DON'T BE MAD HAHA.

Love with all this kid can love,

√Člder Pead

My Group

Friday, September 19, 2014

Week Three


You got to stop writing those big emails haha.
The blog is grand, don't worry about it. It's perfect. Also, paint my room
grey for me haha. My foot is doing fine, we don't wash are clothes, some
workers do it. It's because the church knows members who are out of work, so
they help by giving jobs. My companions are from Idaho, and Arizona.
Oh yeah! the temple is great! I've been though it 4 times now. The first 3
times I listened to it in English with translator headsets, but last time I went
though it in Spanish. Its harrrrd, but I got it. Also, they have HONEYWELL
THERMOSTATS for the temple, thought you might enjoy that. Tell every one
thanks for the support too!!
The food is here is great. It's like what mom makes so I can't complain haha.
I'm so happy that Jarrett is getting better with his schooling! tell him I
love him so much.
Tell mom I love her as well. I'm so glad she sends me emails.
I'm trying to speak as much Spanish as possible, but dannng its hard! I get my
Latino companion next week so it will be fun! haha.
Yes, my ping pong skills are pristine.
Oh YEAH! we went proselyting yesterday and we got a contact! It's been from
soup to nuts here! I love it!
Dad I love you sooo much. I think about you guys a lot, but more of the
family aspect, and what I can show others of the love I have for you guys. I
Love you dad, write you soon
Tell everyone that I might write again in 4 to 5 days, so write back soon!
Don't be afraid to use my facebook haha.
Love always,
Your son
Elder Pead

Hola mama!

Gracias por tu email! Me encata que me escriba! Mama, yo te
quiero mucho! gracias por su amor por mi. Ese semana es muy dificil, pero
yo se con fe en Dios, todo es possible. Yo tengo un nuevo roommate, and el
es de Venezuela! El es muy loco, pero bien. haha. I get my new companions en
5 dias! el latino companion!!!! ahahahaha.

Mama, por favor, ir a la temple as much as you y papa can. It's a great
Te quiero mama!

√Člder Pead

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week Two

Three emails today.

Hey Dad!

I have two companions, Elder Bruveleit and Elder Zapata.  Also, Sending pictures is hard. I'll probably send you it in a different email.  It has a weird limit.  A strange rule here is No cameras in the MTC, only on p day.
Spanish is still hard, but it is more a personal thing for me, I guess.  Better get down to business. ha-ha.  I'm doing my hardest and I'll get to it.  My days are get up study, eat, go to class, study, study, teach in Spanish, go to lunch, relax, study, study and study. Play sports, and don´t worry, I'm talking it easy, very easy. Ping pong is my game, dad.  And most importantly,  study, study and study, then sleep.  So um yeah. lots of stuff.

I cannot emphasize enough how much going to the temple will help you. I really hope you guys go a lot, because I love to read that you're going.  I'll send mom a personal email soon.
And yeah, don't send packages here, or letters. Tell people that. I will not get them, they take forever.
The food is grand. I love it.  The most important thing is eggs here make me barf. I'm not kidding. I eat a lot differently now, but dang.....that stuff is nasty.
Oh yeah, there are tons of Missionaries here, a lot left today, but I'm sure we'll get some more!
I'll be sending you a personal email soon.
Love you guys

Elder Pead

Dad, Mom,

I'm out of time. I'll be sending my pictures soon. Also I'll really send you guys personal letters next week.  Send me an email any way.  Tell mom to write if she can and Jarrett too. Too much stuff and not enough time today, sorry.
I have so much to tell you next week. trust me, it will be worth the wait, I think.
With all the love a non Spanish son can have.

Elder Dallin Pead

p.s. please send me a list will all the family's birthdays and the birthdays of Eric, Christina, Miranda, Mickanne, and whoever else sooooon!

p.s.s the food here, I'm a lovinnnging it. ha-ha. But really, fish and eggs are a turn off. ha-ha

So, one of my companion email didn't work so now he is typing his emails because it now works!
I have extra time so Here is Mom's email!
Hola mama! La CCM es muy dificel, pero me encanta mucho el espiritu y el
I know how to say mi objectivo y la invitar del baptisado! y yo no nesesicte
use google translate to write my emails! Mi espanol es bueno, pero, yo
nescaitar conjugate mas por el pretite y el futura.
Mama, yo tengo mucho amor por ti.
Te quiero mucho mama!
Tu hijo muy guapo,
Elder Pead

Dad, you´re email will come next week! love you guys! tell Jarrett i love

him! and see if he can write me one too!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week One


I wanted to say i miss you a lot. like a lot a lot. I miss mom and Jarrett and
I've broken down a couple of times, mostly crying, but not wanting to
leave. It's nice here and i really do enjoy aspects of it.

Tell mom I love her dearly, and she means the world to me.

Tell Jarrett i love him so much, and he can have my room now. Also give him
a big hug from me, also one for mom.

Dad, i have a challenge for you.

I want you and mom to go the temple once a month, and get a jar, fill it
up with 24 pictures or papers, and each time you go the the temple, take
one out. so that in 24 mouths, you will be able to see me again.

Please read Elder Bednars talk from 2009, Honorable, hold a name and standing.
its grand and i want you and mom to go as much as possible.

Ill send you pictures soon. they have weird rules. but i have two companions.

We went to the temple today, and i know that i must do my hardest in doing
the mission. I felt of the Lords love, and I know i have to share the love
i have for you guys with others, so they can experience the same love.

I love you so much. Con todo mi corazon. With love and hugs,
Elder Pead.

Oh that talk was so hard! i wrote it, but i didn't get to do it. and Sunday
is the best day. It's probably the best part of the week!