Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 52- One Year Mark

WOW ONE YEAR. Weird, but cool.

Hey Mom and Dad it's your son Dallin, everything is good here in ol gorgona.

We had Monica and her son Sergio came to church!!! They are so great! They will be baptized the 12 of this next month! I'm so happy!!!! They are golden. Serigo is so great! He went to an activity for the primary and well... he loved it. His mother as well is so happy.  I don't want cambios(transfers). i'd rather stay here for like.... ever. Elder Mendez and I are like, great friends! he is too cool.

Let's see. Um we are going good with operation casa capilla. Our next part of the project  is finding a new bus and a disembarko(Bus stop) in the area.

Oh yeah I got the package but it's in the office because the secretarios forgot to give it the Sister Pricoli.

Legoland.. LEGOLAND WHAT WAHT WHAT(We had some good friends come through on their way to Legoland.)
I want to gooooooo, and play with legos... because they are so expensive here.

I want you guys know i love you. The mission is great. It's weird I've been out for a year . I really love it. I feel good you know with no regrets. Some days it's hard, but i feel good good good. I also don't like saying I have a year, I just say I have time in the mission. No trunky here.

Love you guys.

Have a great week.

Love your son, who will see you in a year(you know, if he doesn't try to extend his mission)

Elder Pead

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 51 - Working for a Casa Capilla

So um... we need to like... baptize or rescue like 10 people... and we get the Casa Capilla(Meetinghouse in a home)... wow, that's a lot to do.

My district had 5 baptisms, twas grand. Well what can I say, everything is fine. We are trying to find people who are really interested in the church. We have about 3 or 4 future baptisms. A couple, and a single mom and her kid. They came to church yesterday and love it!  So yeah we got a lot to do.
what us... um. yeah....

I LOVE THAT PICTURE OF ME. ITS SO GREAT. HAHA. I'm cool.(I saw a picture of  Dallin when he was in upward bound at Dixie State University. I was doing some HVAC work in some offices there this week.)

WOW! Devin is starting his mission papers and Samie is planning on going on a mission. Sweet!  Well tell them that it's a great experience and stuff!

My district is very different and we all have different problems. It's hard. but I got to keep on trying.  So, yeah lots to do.

We have about 3 menos activos (less active) that we are trying to get reactivated. So that also a lot of work.

oh yeah I hope you get the fotos(photos) this week!(we didn't)
Tell everyone I love them.

And dad... tell grandpa to take a shower haha.(Grandpa Pead says he won't take a shower till the Colorado Rockies win.  If the Rockies stink, he stinks)

Love ya.

Elder Pead. That son of yours

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 50 Juices, I want to make more Juices.

Whew, another week has passed.

Hey guys this week has been a good week. Well I read your email and there is a lot that happened at home. This week here in the mission has gone by very well. I feel good about how we are teaching. My companion and I are getting along very well. We joke a lot, and we speak some English. He knows quite a few English words, it's quite fun. We are very relaxed and are having a good time. We work hard.

Everyone here in the mission says I am very full of energy and I would like probably burn down the mission if I eat more sugar. Well you know I can't stop, well I won't stop.

That is great that Pedro is back from his mission. Pedro es tan chévere. He is very inspiring. A great man. Tell him I said hi.

That's great that Doug is leaving on his mission soon. You don't know how excited I am to see all these great friends leave on their missions. It is  exciting to see that they have prepared well and they will do good.

Tell Brother and Sister Perkins hi for me, también al Hermano Ramírez y a la Hermana Anaya, la mamá de Pedro.

I am really happy here, this week has been fine. We had a few investigators show up.  The Armero family came. They want to do a family home evening this Wednesday, so we are going to go to their house and help them plan one out. It is going to be great.  We have a few others show up, they just need a little bit of fellow-shipping and they will be great.  They demonstrate their faith very well and they do the things that they need to. And because of that, things are really good and I am very happy that they are progressing. I just hope that they continue well. We are certainly doing our part.

We are having a little bit of a hard time finding new investigators this week. We had about six or eight others this week and none of them came to church. That is the part that I struggle with a little bit this week. Other than that my district is doing very well and I'm very proud of them. The sisters are doing extraordinarily well.  They are going to have a baptism this week and it was great to see the way they worked to get to that point with their investigator. Another companionship of elders also is having baptisms this week. We are psyched to see these people get to this point and be ready for baptism. We have five baptisms planed this week as a district and we are hoping and praying that everything will fall into place and go through as planned.  We are almost done getting all the paperwork in place for the other members of the Armero family so they can get married. One of our recent converts we had here, Esteban, the young man I baptized Who is 14 years old, moved this week to Bogota. He has been progressing a lot and reads the book of Mormon every day and we have great talks with him. Sad that he moved but who we are sending his membership as soon as we can and coordinating with the missionaries in Bogota so they can follow up with him. It is great that he will be closer to a temple. That will be better for him and I hope that he can continue to take the steps that he needs to his progress.

I am not as stressed this week. The only time I get stressed out is when I think about what I need to come up with for the class for district meeting. What do they need to hear this week?

I am very happy. Also I am very thirsty and we don't have any drinkable water in our house at the moment. I just want to drink water that is potable and make juices from the fruits that we have.  I like to make juices I want to make more juices. There is a fruit here called Lulo.  I don't remember seeing it anywhere else.  Have you guys ever heard of it? It's like a weird orange thing.  It is Good.

I hope and pray that everything continues to go good for everyone there.

Give Jarrett a hug for me.

Love you all

Elder Pead

Lulo is also known as 'Naranjilla' or 'little orange' and growns on a bush. Lulo is native to the Andes mountains in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The fruit has a leather like orange skin covered with a hairy fuzz. The inside looks like green tomato.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 49

Hey dad hey mom,

So this week has been fun. We are working hard and well. Working hard and well. Working, you guessed it, hard.

My new comp is very different. Likes to work, but sometimes naw. so you know, I gots to be on his tail about it. But I treat him well about it. Promise him stuff and well, yeah. That works. Sticken to my guns if you catch my drift.

Well,  we have two families we are working with to get them married and then baptized.

Things with the district are well. I'm now not the only English elder in my zone. so yeah. 2 Californians  and well, meee.
so yeah, good. Got lots to do.

Sorry this week's Letter is short. Just lots of stuff to do and to move. We see small miracles everyday. it's great.  I love Villagorgona, love the people, love you guys. Love everything.

Love your son.

Elder Pead