Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 101- Final Email From the Mission Field

Well, I only got like 3 minutes to write and well, don't know what to say.
2 things.
Grandpa is in a better place. (Dallin's Grandpa Hurtado in Venezuela passed away on Saturday morning)
Tell grandma Pead, I'll be there soon. Love her much.
Natalia got baptized. Danial baptized her. She is super pillas.
All is well here.
Can't wait to see you and all.
I'm am happy, really, not because the mission is up or anything. I just feel good like, I know all is well. I left the area really well.
One brother told me, the less active we are working with, said, you were the instrument to help me come back. Thank you. I know that it was the spirit acting though you.
So yeah. All is well.
Love you. I'll bear my testimony like, tomorrow.
Love you dad.
Love you mom
See you soon!
And I'm coming tomorrow!!!!
Your son

Elder Pead

Friday, July 29, 2016

Week 100- Last full week in the Mission


We have a baptism this week. Natalia opened up and we have been teaching her this last week! She read the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized!!!
Danael (a recent convert) will baptize her!
All is well.

We have a butt ton of plans to find new people this week and an activity this Friday!

Dad, I'm gonna be running this week. President Pricoli told me to run all the way home till I get to the ward, so I'm gonna do it.
It will be a great one. I have bought all the recuerdos (souvenirs).

I gave a talk about the Book of Mormon yesterday. I love it so much. Read Mosiah 2: 41 as well.

Also gave a lesson on how a member should act in lessons and in other things... they said I was the closest to being a member so yeah.. wooooow.

This week I learned one thing ´´To stay not only active in the church but also spiritualy active is the following, Pray, Read, and Attended church.

This week I have tried to be more sincere with my prayers and I feel that they are getting better.

Reading is something we always do, but it is treasuring up the words that is hard. I need to improve on that. Attending for me is also part of the participation. If I can read the lesson before hand and give my opinion, it will be great.

Okay, we are doing great. Tonight I'm going to pack my bags and not worry about them. They had a lot of dust on them.

I'm going to run it.

Love you guys with all my heart.

Elder Pead

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Week 99

Getting stressed? I understand.  You know what I do when I'm stressed, I pray. When your stressed pray. I know it's a quick answer, but if we give our all in the prayer and really talk to our Father in Heaven its works out and we feel good.

Well then race car bed it is. I'm fine with it. (Dallin's brother Jarrett will not give up the bedroom. Dallin has been told he will be sleeping in the race car bed.)

Sunday was great here as well. Gave the lesson in class. Talked about sacrifice.
Dad, we are working super hard. We have ampollas encima de nuestras ampollas.(blisters on top of our blisters)

Well this week we had a lot a lot a lot of families to teach.
We got a less active family to come to church. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THEM ALL HOLY COW DAD FOR REAL.
We got Gabiral and his wife Kony to come to church again. The sister is doing good. Just got to help her read the Book of Mormon.
Natlaia read the book of mormon, and well, she is super pillas to come to church.
All is well.

I do have a experience to tell you.
We were talking with a less active family and they told us they haven't read the book of mormon from the last time we left.
I shared the experience I had with you when you started to read the book of mormon again on your iphone. You were such a great example to me dad. I still remember that and when I shared the experience with them, they were stunned. They also come to church, all 6 of them.
If we really want people to change, we do it by example.
Thank you for being that example and I hope you are reading in Spanish with mom every day and if not, well do it. Blessings come. Mosiah 2:41

My district had a change.
Elder Woodmansee and Chiciza left.
Elder Quiroz and Elder Sanders came back.
Elder Sanders is a elder from my group (the tallest one haha)
He left the mission when I had a year. But he is back!
The Savior really changes lives. He has had a change and I'm really happy I can see him again. He will be a great missionary.

The work goes on.

Love ya

Elder Pead

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Week 98

Tell grandpa I love him and send him lots of love.

Glad Church has got you busy, I can't wait to be on the back row making faces at you while you are in the stand

Our week was good, we got some new people to come to church! it's a great great great family!
The father is MA (less active) and the wife and daughter aren't members. but DANG this week changed a lot for them.
The father is full pillas(batteries) and his wife as well.
We went with many members to their house and well, they love it.
This week we are going to invite them to be baptized.
The work goes on.

Daniela is good.
She had her baptisim date and all, but the members went to the Temple so she wanted to be baptized with them here.
going to be great.

Danel (cr) (recent convert) went to the temple and boar his testimony. Then during the last hymn "oid el toque de clarín," he started to cry. He was smiling during the whole song.

This Sabbath was the best I have had in my life. I can't describe it Dad. I felt the Lords spirit inside me during the whole 3 hours.
I thought of how  I feel my saviors love
He knows I will follow him,
Give all my life to him.
I feel my Savior's love,
The love he freely gives me.

He loves me. He gives me love freely every day
I know He knows me, I know He died for me, and I know, He will embrace me when I go back to him.

Love you guys. Know that I love you so much. I will not trunky myself.
Like you always say dad, the work goes on. and I'm still here... so....
the work goes on.

Elder Pead
ps. I learned how to make a ensalada(salad) but DANG! you gonna love it.

Elder Pead has Jesus inside

Friday, July 8, 2016

Week 97

Well dad, it sounds like you must be super busy with the ward.

This week went well. We have Danela who is progressing well and picked up a few new investigators. They attended church and were super confused! because it was fast and testimony meeting and the district leaders came to take about plans... so we hope they weren't scared.

Let's see, what else, we have this family who is coming along well, the father is coming to church and reading the book of Mormon.
I'm really tired and sleeping and I feel like sleeping. ughhh.

I really did enjoy this week. The other elders in the district are having some troubles, so we have planed some divisions.
we'll see.

Tell mom and jarrbar I love them and i'll talk to you guys next week.

OH AND BY THE WAY! The recent converts, (2) are going to the temple!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Week 96

What what what what!!!!
Dad, when you told me a couple of weeks ago that the Bishop Welsch was getting released, my comp told me you were going to be called in the bishopric haha!
How do you feel pops? I bet a little stunned? I would be haha.
Well now I know you can’t go inactive haha.  Well, there was a counselor here who went inactive. It was weird. Mostly because he never came. He said he lived far from the ward... but we do too... like 2 minutes in car haha.
I would enjoy it if you would start installing that mosquito net over my bed at home.  We washed ours today. It smells like cotton goodness.
Let’s see, other than that all is well here. We are doing good and loving it. We are teaching Danela a lot in the last week. Helping her get to baptism and all. She loves the church.
All is well in the district. The other elders had attendance after 6 weeks! So that was a breakthrough. The other elders had a confirmation and well, We are doing good, but we do need to do better.
I’m trying to just keep myself in the mission mode. My comp is really doing a good job with that, and tells me ''remember in your prayers to ask to not be trunky'' hahahahaha.

I really love my comp. He and I get along extremely well. I really am glad i get to be with new missionaries.
I haven’t  gotten past the chapter 13 of alma for more than a week. There is just so much to learn about the priesthood there. But there is one verse that caught my eye.

 10 Pues como decía respecto al santo orden, o sea, este sumo sacerdocio, hubo muchos que fueron ordenados y llegaron a ser sumos sacerdotes de Dios; y fue por motivo de su fe excepcional y arrepentimiento, y su rectitud ante Dios, porque prefirieron arrepentirse y obrar rectamente más bien que perecer;

 11 por tanto, fueron llamados según este santo orden, y fueron santificados, y sus vestidos fueron blanqueados mediante la sangre del Cordero.
We are called to this priesthood and we can become more and more perfect though the atonement of Christ.
I really liked that. The atonement isn’t just for when we are bad, but it’s also to help us progress and repent of little things and become better.
And I think that’s what I want to be, better every day. I got to be better at that part.
Well dad. I love you have a good week. Tell mom that I love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  love love  her. As well Jarrett., even if he doesn’t  want to give me back my room.
Love Elder Pead

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 95

Hey pops, glad you had a busy week! we did as well.
like father like son.

What did you talk about in church this week?  Was it about fathers? Good guess right?  I hope it was.

This week was a hoot. We had 7 attending and we have 3 baptism dates!
Danela is doing very well. she is progressing very well. she has been reading the BOM everyday and as well has cleared up many many doubts and questions.
She also had a interview with the branch president. we don't know why, but she asked to have one and she said it went well.

Paul is a new investigator. he is progressing. He wants to feel peace so he is reading and praying to know.

Anderson is doing good. he is trying to sanctify the Sabbath day, but he is having trouble talking to his boss to let him have Sundays off.

We are doing very good here, the district is okay but we are having trouble retaining people. so. um. yeah. that sucks. Could you give me some advice on retaining investigators?

Well. transfers came. and well my comp is still with me and we are getting some new elders here. but other that that all is well in Zion.

Had a very good week, its been a grand one. We are going to continue with it until we help these people come unto Christ.

Love you dad. Have a great week.

Send love to all.

Elder Pead