Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 44 Lot of rescuing to do

That's great that all is good at home.

I really don't know what's going on in the world but I know that the Lord is speeding up his work here, and in all countries. So I know that the time of the Lord will be coming one day soon.

Well, we had a another baptism, but now, I know that we have a lot to do. If we have 200 assisting in the ward, we will have a casa capilla(house to use as a chapel) here in Gorgona.  So, I'm kind of stressed, but I will do my part, the members will do their part and we will have that casa capilla. we need to do a lot of rescuing here, but it's possible. I know it is. We just got to keep pushing forward and all.

Oh yeah,
Elder Coca is in my district. Funny how the mission is so small. Huh.

Love you guys,
Tell mom I love her, tell Jarrett I love him.  I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Pead

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 43 Arrived in Villagorgona. Three weeks worth of Photos

Hey mom and dad,

It's Elder Pead, your son Dallin. I'm here in Villagorgona, it is very very great. Yes like you thought we have to go all the way to Cali to attend church.  What I have heard and what I have learned is that we have the best members. That is extremely true we have some great members here. It seems like their trial of their faith is to attend church.  Because it is so far away. It is a 30 minute ride by bus. That is the faith that they have to endure  and show God.

So I get to learn how to save my money, I did not know that we had to go to Cali so many times. Pretty much I need to save 20 mil.(20 thousand pesos) Because of transfers and all I am getting low on money.
Everything is going good here. Everyone loves me! Seriously everyone loves me. I decided to change a lot. Here I am more outgoing. It feels good to be outgoing.

As for the district, I'm still trying to figure out my responsibilities. There are so many things to learn. Because I am so far away from members of my district sometimes I feel helpless. I will find a way to reach out to them and help them.

I am glad that grandma is feeling a little better. Also that mom was muy emocionada (very excited) when she read my last email.

I hope you have fun at the pageant with all the crazies. Be sure and tell Darren and Mellody and all the kiddies hello for me.

My new companion is Elder Tantachuco. He is from Peru, he is 18 years old and he is a blast. We have a good time talking and everything is fine.

I am sending pictures this week. They're in the new folder. Man I am tired today. It is so hot here. It's so hot, hotter than Jamundi.

I'm not stressed or anything just tired because it's hot. We keep trying and do the best we can and deal with it. It's going to be good.

That's about all I have for this week. Glad everything is going fine for you guys. Hope you guys are doing good and all is well. I am really just tired. Next week I should have more to tell you.

Thanks for all the letters and prayers. Love you a lot.

Elder Pead

Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 42 -6 Baptismal Dates, Transferred, New Responsibilities

First of all, you need to send pictures of the doors now.
Like really,
I NEED TO SEE THAT(Dallin's Brother, Jarrett has taken permanent marker to the doors in the house and labeled them as to what room he says they are.)
Well, this week my dear Father, I'm getting transferred. I don't want to go. but you know, the Lord wants me to leave. My comp and I have 6 baptism dates, but I won't be here from them. I'm super sad.
So I'm going back to chupando el calor(sucking the heat), but I will be about 40 minutes from Cali.(VillaGorgona)
I will also be a mom and finishing the training for a new missionary.
That's not even the scariest part.
I never did ask you if you were a district leader... because now I need all the advice I can get.
I'll be the new district leader for 5 missionaries. I'm so scared.
so yeah... so yeah...
Um yeah, my camera started to work suddenly again! (and by suddenly I mean after 5 hours of crying and beating it with a stick) but yeah its great! I love it.
so yaeahhhhh I'll send pictures now haha
Tell grandma I'll keep her in my prayers and all. I hope all goes well.
Hola mama, ¿como le va? todo bien aqui, mama yo me voy de Pasto y mamamaamama, no quiero. Es buenĂ­simo aqui! Yo va a llorar. Pero eso es la vida. Mama, porfavor, diga a Jarrett que le quiero mucho. y tambien, gracias por esas cosas de la familia! Yo voy a hacer todo esa semana con mi libro! Te quiero mucho!  (Hi mom, how's it going? All is well here.  Mom I am leaving Pasto and mama, I don't want to.  It is great here.  I am going to cry.  But that is life. Mom, please tell Jarrett that I love him.  And also thanks for the family history sheets you sent.  I am going to be working on my family history book this week.  I love you alot.)
Well dad. I can not send pictures, but that means next week you will have a butt ton! so yeah!

Okay I love you so much!
Have a great week and talk to you soon.

Elder Pead

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 41

This week has been very nice. We really have seen the hand of the Lord in the work here.

We work hard here.  We did a lot this week to get ready for an activity we planned. An activity to get references from members. We did a lot of hard work to get everyone invited to the activity. At the activity we were very disappointed because not a lot of people came. We only had a few people come. We only received three references for our area, one reference for the elders in another area. In the other two areas there were none. Sunday is when everything changed. We had six or seven people assist (attend), that we didn't think would even come. And now we have dates for baptism.

I have never felt this happy. We wake up, we get stuff done, get our planning done, we go out, we have fun, we each joke with each other, we do have fun and we do work hard. When we come home we feel good, literally we come home and are so tired. We do a little bit of planning, I brush my teeth and I literally just go to bed. It's weird.

My companion and I are bonding very well, which seems weird because it is the last week of this transfer. So we are going to do the best we can to continue to bond and have a great week. And work the hardest we have yet worked.

I really do love the mission work. I know that I am happy and that everything is fine. I'm supposed to be here. I know that I'm going to be transferred.  Without a doubt I know that I will be transferred. It is kind of horrible because we've got all these great people who are coming back to the church.  We have an old investigator, Wendy, who's back and wants to be baptized.  We have another two investigators who want to be baptized. We have another one who wants us to come visit her and talk to her about the gospel. She really believes the gospel can help her in her life. We have a lot of great references. A lot of great people we are working with. I don't want it to end. I don't want to leave the area, but I know that it's not my work, it's another missionary work to do. If I get transferred, I know it's because I am needed somewhere else. I just get to start over again.  In reality, I am super happy.

Sometimes I think I falter on a few little things. Things that I can do better here and there. I am working hard at using new words during our lessons. I am using many new words and I am expressing myself more openly. I just feel great. I don't want it to end.

I love you guys super much. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Tell everyone I say hi. Tell Josh I said hi. Tell Omar I said hi.

I'm glad you guys went to fiesta fun center and went bowling for my birthday without me! I am not too happy about that.

I've have a lot of hard times here in Pasto, I had a lot of hard times in Jamundi as well. I think I have grown so much from these experiences and I don't want them to end.

I will try to find someone to fix my camera, it has a lens error.

I love all of you guys. Just know that I am very happy.

Thanks to all of you for everything. I hope you have a great week.

Elder Pead

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 40 - Baptisms and working with the future Elder Esteban

Hey Mom and Dad,

How's everything going?  Thanks for the birthday wishes. I don't want to be 20 years old. I want to stay a teenager forever.

This week has been really good and thank you for those early and super Duper happy birthday photos you sent.

This week we had the baptismal service for Viviana and Santiago.  It went great.  I got to baptize Santiago. The water was really really hot. It's the hottest water that I have walked into yet in a baptismal font.

We have had a lot of investigators this last week and now we are working to see who is going to progress. We are also focusing a lot with members and less active families. We have been focusing in on this aspect a lot this week. It's been a really fun week.

We have a lot to do in the mission. We have changed our perspective a lot. I feel like the mission perspective has changed as well. We are really having a great time, working hard. There is still a lot of stuff I'm not used to, but overall we are getting a lot done and I feel good.

Esteban, who was baptized last week, has been working with us a lot this week. He has been knocking doors with us and he introduces himself as future Elder Esteban. It Is really cool that he wants to be a missionary. We are trying to take it slow with him but he wanted to be with us for a whole day. Now I think he understands why were always so tired. It's been really great he has helped us a lot and he bares his strong testimony when he has the chance. His testimony is always getting stronger. He keeps asking us lots of questions about the gospel and then he goes home and studies the Scriptures and finds the answers to the things we talked about. Then he shares these things with the people we are teaching. He is really prepared. It is absolutely amazing.

Thanks again for the birthday wishes. That is great that you guys and Jeff went to the temple and did sealings.  Awesome.

Thanks again for everything. I am super Duper happy. Tell everyone hi.

Have a great week. Love you all.