Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 95

Hey pops, glad you had a busy week! we did as well.
like father like son.

What did you talk about in church this week?  Was it about fathers? Good guess right?  I hope it was.

This week was a hoot. We had 7 attending and we have 3 baptism dates!
Danela is doing very well. she is progressing very well. she has been reading the BOM everyday and as well has cleared up many many doubts and questions.
She also had a interview with the branch president. we don't know why, but she asked to have one and she said it went well.

Paul is a new investigator. he is progressing. He wants to feel peace so he is reading and praying to know.

Anderson is doing good. he is trying to sanctify the Sabbath day, but he is having trouble talking to his boss to let him have Sundays off.

We are doing very good here, the district is okay but we are having trouble retaining people. so. um. yeah. that sucks. Could you give me some advice on retaining investigators?

Well. transfers came. and well my comp is still with me and we are getting some new elders here. but other that that all is well in Zion.

Had a very good week, its been a grand one. We are going to continue with it until we help these people come unto Christ.

Love you dad. Have a great week.

Send love to all.

Elder Pead

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