Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 91- House Problems

Well, this week was a lot of work! We found many new people to teach, and even had people accept a baptism date! Hurrah!

We are working with a recent convert's family, and they are amazing. They are having trouble reading the Book of Mormon, but are doing good. We are going to really work hard with them
Our other convert has a new calling, and he is the new pianist! So that's going to be sweet!

Oh this week, the house got flooded. Like twice. In the middle of the night and when we were cleaning up the first flood! How grand!

Other than that, we have had many great experiences this week.
We had district conference and we talked about how we are at war with Satan, and how we need to find our weapons! So we read in Ephesians 6. It's really important to never let our guard down. Like my dad told me, Satan is a dirty fighter.

That's all that happened, i think, I should really read over my journal to see what else haha.

Love you guys!

Elder Pead

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