Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 90 - Sleep is what we desire

Well, we had a long week this week. We have been getting home super-duper tired and wanting to go to sleep

Opening area is tough, but we have had many many fruits. We had 7 people come to church but only 3 stayed the whole 3 hours.

We also had a baptism! Danial was baptized and confirmed! We are teaching his cousin and she has baptism date as well.

We are working a ton with less actives and trying to fortalice the branch. The branch president is really putting on a lot of work for us, so it’s good to be busy!  

Popayan is so great and beautiful. I think im going to like it here. Only need to clean the house. We haven’t cleaned it since we got here. It’s like, 3 floors and it’s a lot to cleannnn. But hey. Well get it done.

I would all like you to read as well 2nd Nephi 4. Talks mostly 17 till the end of the chapter. Had a lot of feels with it this week.

With love,

Elder Pead

foto attached
danial and his baptisim

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