Friday, May 13, 2016

Week 89 Transferred

Well, what a twist of twists. During the week, Elder Zambrano and I were working really hard to get our investigators to commit to coming to church. We even went on divisions with my Trainer to see how they were doing.

Then at like, 9:40 at night during night planning, President called and asked to speak to my comp. He got called to be the President's new secretary! So we all thought, ´´well, Elder Pead, you´ll be staying to hold the area.´´

Then I got transfered. Kind of sucks because I was in trio with the Zone Leaders for 2 days and didn’t even get to attend my branch. So I didn’t get to say good bye. Elder Montgomery had to pick up the letters everyone wrote.

But the investigators are strong. I called one to tell her about the transfer and she said ´´well, I wanted Zambrano to baptize me, then I wanted you, and now, I’ll get a new elder! Don’t worry about it, I’ll be baptized on the 21st, even if you´re not there.

She has really had a conversion with the Book of Mormon. It really does bring peace to the soul and delight in times of disappointment and grief. I know it is the word of God.

So now, I’m in Popayan! So I’ve been in every department in the mission! I'm the district leader for 3 other pairs of missionaries, and my companion Elder Chavez and I will be opening up area. It´ll be great. We have 2 baptisms planed, so um.. yeah. We better go find them.

Over all I feel good. Think I’m going go all out here. I should be an example to the district, knowing they look up to me.

Love the work. We have been walking hard in the last hour, trying to find a few members and investigators. And well, I feel good.

Feeling pains in my lower calf muscle,

Elder Pead

attached is a photo of me with Elder Chavez

ps. i got harry potters ties. so gonna us them

pss. my son is going to train a new missionary!!!!! I´m a grandfather!

New Companion Elder Chavez

Getting Called to Serve as the President's Secretary 

Saying Goodbye 

On the Road to Popayan

Arriving in Popayan

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