Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week 87

This week we have seen a miracle here in the area.  A investigator and his family who are Inactive called us up to say they went to church the last week, and nobody was there, (we had a multi-district conference). So we went by this week, and had a brief lession and John accepted a baptism date for the 21 of May. He will be getting married before that, and today went to go get the papers filled out.
We told him he needed to come to church and assist to be baptized, because he already has a strong testimony but faults attendance. He and his family assisted the whole time.
Eline, who is 14, loved the young women’s class. She told us she didn’t want to go, but felt good after the class and is excited for next week. The two younger kids, santi and camila also enjoyed the classes. As well as Diana, who is the partner of John and member of the church.
During Priesthood, Jorge received the Aaronic priesthood. And well, afterwards, said `` I’m ready to go out, and find my lost brothers´´
As we were closing the class, John bore his testimony. There was a moment of silence, as he choked up a bit and said, ´´thank you for your support, I know this is true. ``
I realize during my whole time here, I never invited him to be baptized.
People can’t change unless we invite them to. So now, in every occasion, I try to invite people to change. My invitations are different and more meaningful.
I love this work. It’s hard sometimes, but there are always small things that make it good.


Elder Pead
ps. my comp is still limpy. He will have his therapy this Wednesday

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