Friday, April 22, 2016

Week 86 - Companion is on crutches

Letter sent to those in his contact list

So this week, my comp got put into a nice cast. He tore one of his ligaments in his knee.
No, there were no arrows or anything, just a hit from a volley ball post.
This week, Maria Fernanda and Jaryo did not come to church. Today we are going to visit them and talk to them about The Sabbath yeahhhh.
Other than that all is well in Zion, well, except for the new neighbors... they are loud. They had a party until like, 3:30. It was grand listening to bachata.
Look it up.
But Wilson came to Church! Wilson is an investigator who can only say, yes and no. He had a big accident and is in therapy to start recovering. He is reading the book of mormon and says ´´by saying yes´´ that he likes it.
I have come to realize that God loves all his children. And even in tough times, he is still there.

Elder Pead

Photo of comp in muletas.
I remember those good times

Letter Home

Well, we have had an eventful week. Today we've just been cleaning and washing clothes. I've been washing my companions clothes, well because he's kind of limping around.

First off to answer your questions, yes we did hear about the earthquake in Ecuador. My companion was freaking out a little bit. He did receive word that his family is all safe.
I haven't heard from Eric yet so I'll take your word that he is safe and OK.
The earthquake was felt in Colombia as well.  In Cali a lot of the missionaries said they felt it. Here in Palmira we felt it but it wasn't very strong.  We were out teaching and I turned my companion and ask if he felt that.  10 minutes later as we were walking we started to hear people talking about the big earthquake in Ecuador. I guess Eric will have a few stories to tell.

Thanks for your advice on how to help my district. We have a great district. Everyone is working hard, it's just that a lot of times we don't see the fruits of our labor and some get down.
No, I did not receive that package yet. Don't know what's up. Yes, my shoes are pretty bad.  So you asked if both my pairs of shoes were worn like that. Well I did have two pairs of shoes. When I was with Elder Sanchez, his shoes were worn out and he took them in to get repaired.  So I let him have my other pair while his were getting fixed. Then he got transferred and he didn't have any shoes to take with him.  So I told him to take mine.  No I don't need money to buy new shoes, these are fine. They are a little worn out but they will make it.

We found 4 people to teach on Monday. Found them really quick. It was cool to find them like that.

Tuesday we had our interviews with the president.  Sister Pricoli had to go and remind me that this was my next to the last interview. I had to ask her to stop trying to make me trunky. The mission president reminded me as well. I told him I would continue to work hard. 

We had our zone meeting the day after that. It was the funniest zone meeting I've ever been to.  The discussion was on "the eye of the tiger."  One of the zone leaders started singing the song and the other one started dancing around. Then they pulled out these masks.  They gave us all tiger masks.  We were instructed to use these in our district meetings.  We are to keep our eyes focused on the goals like the tiger focuses on his.

Thursday was a very strange day. We were on divisions. My companion had to go to Cali because he said his leg was feeling strange.  He went with Elder Burdick and I was with Elder Rojas all day. We talked to a lot of people that day.  We had a lot of good contacts.
We got a phone call from Elder Burdick and my companion. They said that my companion had broken his leg. I sat there for a minute going, seriously? They said no just kidding but he did tear a ligament. So they have his leg bandaged up and will need to place a cast. So he's walking like a robot. Kind of funny. He's also using crutches. Oh how I remember those fun times. So we are walking very slowly and we only go to appointments that we have made previously. So dad now I know how you felt with me.  When he goes down the stairs he wants to go down fast. He likes to hop a lot. I have to keep reminding him not to do that. ”No elder. Stop, don't do that". How I remember you telling me those things.

We had an area conference this week. It was for all of Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. It was sweet. We heard from the second counselor in the presiding Bishopric.  He spoke in Spanish, it was great. We also had the second counselor of the general young women presidency. She gave her testimony in Spanish. It was very good and powerful. We heard from Elder Hales and then from Dallin H. Oaks. He started off saying he would try to speak in Spanish. And he sounded like the typical new gringo.  After his first sentence he smiled and started speaking English. It was very fun to watch.  It was a great Sunday. 

Jorge is doing good, but he struggles with a few family problems and getting depressed from time to time. I felt for him and out of the blue started to share with him a church hymn.  TĂș me has dado muchas bendiciones. (Because I have been given much).  We talked about it and sing that song. Afterwards he said he felt at peace. He said “thank you elders, let's pray, today is my mother’s birthday I want to ask God to bless her”. He gave a beautiful prayer. I love him so much, he's one of my favorite converts.  He seems to struggle with so many challenges, so please put him in your prayers, he's a really good guy.  

So that was my week.  Trying to figure out how to help my comp.  He will be starting physical therapy this next week.  Don't quite know if he will be staying here for the duration of this transfer or if he will be transferred out early.  

Love you dad, love you mom, I love you Jarrett, love you all everyone else.  

Elder Pead

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