Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 31- Semana Santa

Hey mom and dad,

We have had a pretty normal week. It's been a good one. We have had good lessons with investigators with got some new ones, we've got some coming in.

I guess I am learning to be patient with patience.

This week in Pasto, is Semana Santa(Holy Week or Easter Week) What do they do? They go on long walks to towns a little ways away to go to some of the big churches. It seems like no one is here this whole week. So we are struggling with talking to investigators and getting them excited about coming to church this week.

Yes we are working with the new initiative of #Gracias a que El Vive (#because he lives).  We Have pass along cards and everything. It's fun, I love it. We just started. We have like three days doing it. It's a little different but we are doing our best.

Thanks for finding those videos and the things I asked you to send me. That's great that you are getting them together. Thanks.

Not a lot of new things happening.  Still working with our investigators and hoping to help them get to the pathway of the Gospel. Sending a few pictures this week hope you enjoy.

Working on doing my best. It's a hard time sometimes in the mission.  But just got to keep working and things will get better. Always hoping for the best.

Thanks for your love and support.

Love you guys.

Elder Pead


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