Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 28

Hi mom and dad,

Hey things are going great. You don't need to keep asking me about the food. It's all good. Lots of potatoes here.

Yeah, so I am in charge of the English program, I'm actually starting this week with that, a lot of stuff to do.

That was good that you got to see Darren and Mellody and the kids this week.

Jarrett has a week off of school this week? That's really grand!

Yes mom, I am taking my suit to the dry cleaners frequently. Don't worry. I actually am taking it this week. It's been a few since I took it.

Everything is going fine with our investigators. We have actually placed a lot of baptismal dates this week. Our zone is the leading zone in the mission right now. This last week we placed 94 baptismal dates. And my companion and I placed 13 this week. That's a lot. So we're working on how to help them progress and attend church. We have really made a lot of progress this week.

We had a baptismal service as well this weekend. Ana Ortiz was baptized. And I got to perform the ordinance. This was the second baptism I was able to perform. The best part was that she said she felt God and Jesus Christ right next to her during the baptism, to me that was just the best thing to hear. She said thank you so much. And she wanted to give me a hug. I told her I couldn't. So I hugged myself and she hugged herself.  I will be sending a few pictures.

An interesting thing here, when people say "you're welcome" they say it using vecino, which means neighbor. In Cali or in Jamundi they say "A la orden". But here they say vecino, kind of weird.

This week I also went on splits with our district leader,  Elder Lyon, a gringo. He taught me a lot of stuff, he is in reality one of the best missionaries I have met. We're doing good, and trying to be our best and things are happening.

I love you guys and miss you.  Tell Jarrett I love him.  Everything is going great, and I really love the mission.

Hope everything goes good for you guys.

Elder Pead

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