Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 30- The Ups And The Downs

Hey guys,

This week has been the hardest week of my mission. A lot of our investigators, a lot of the baptismal dates we had fell through. We had 13 last week and now we only have four. As well as a lot of our lessons with members present fell through and most of our lessons with our investigators fell through.

Really has been a hard one. My companion is comparing our situation to that of Job. This week has been a great test of faith. We are kind of in the mode of, wow that was tough. It's kind of stressful. In Cali I was never this stressed. And my other areas it was never this stressful. This week we have planned for a lot of things and we will go forward. There's a lot of things to work on. But I guess the mission is going to be like this. Sometimes it's tough. That's how the mission, I guess is supposed to be. You have good weeks and you have bad weeks.  I am happy today but talking about the past week is difficult.

My companion will be staying with me for the next transfer. We're trying our best every day, trying to get into the spirit of what we need to do and continue on.

I want you to know I love you very much. It is weird to think that Jarrrett is now sleeping in my room. Cool.

It's been a hard week but it makes you realize that there's a reason for it. Heavenly father puts you in the situations for a reason. So we will have a better week.  We will try to do everything we can to follow Christ's example.

Love you very much.

Elder Pead

With Alejandro

He told us last week he was learning to cook.  Now he is Sewing!

District Activity 

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