Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 29 - Traveling Elders

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Hey dad,

It's been a great week. Very long. Highlights of this week. Dad, Alejandro came to church, he finally came. This twelve year kid when we first met him didn't believe in anything, didn't believe in God but now has a baptismal date. He's working, he's reading, he's doing everything we are teaching him. He's so happy, I'm so happy. He finally showed up! We had a goal of five investigators coming to church. We only have three, but when I saw him show up I was just so happy. I can't stop thinking about it, did that ever happen to you dad when you were a missionary? You can't stop thinking about something that just happened? Like, oh my gosh. Did that just happen?  Yes that just happened, I'm so happy, that's how I feel. Alejandro came to church, I'm Super Duper happy!  I'll send pictures later. I don't take my camera everywhere sometimes it is difficult.

This week we had divisions with the traveling elders. We had my old zone leader.(Elder Dean) He is now a misionero viajante. We got to talk to him a lot. We learned a lot from him, my companion and I. It was cool to learn and I'm really happy that I got to learn a lot and to be a part of that cool experience with him.

Everything's fine here a blast -from the past. We have a lot of baptismal dates. We had the highest but we lost a few. We're going to make another three dates this week with another family. And then try our best to get them ready.  Me and my companion have learned a lot and are working hard together. If he gets transferred I'm going to be a little sad because we are now just kicking it in and it feels really good.

English exams. I am starting the English exams this next week. I'm not as stressed about it.  I am just stressed that I have to work with sisters. The only difference with sisters is I have to come up with different things for them because they don't have English speaking companions.

I had a great week this week, today we went and played at a soccer field. It was really cool. It looked a lot like something in the states it was really cool. We also went to Mister Pollo. It is a really good restaurant. You look at it and you also feel like you're in the states. I will send you some pictures. Also some pictures of some minions. One that my companion bought which is a music player. It's cool and we use to listen to church hymns and that. Cool beans.

Nothing much else I'm really just happy right now. We have a lot to do now. The only stress I have is when we don't have investigators that are progressing. When they say, "will be home, will do this, will do that", but they don't get there. That's the only thing I stress about. Right now it's just kind of relaxed time. We are trying to do our best. Investigators is the only thing that gets me stressed though.  Not my companion or anything else. It's just that when you show love to people, you want them to have everything they can. Sometimes they don't want get back. That's the hardest thing.

Yes Dad, Everything is awesome when you're part of the team.(Lego movie reference)
I was wondering if you guys could send me some stuff. I will write it down in another email. Not a lot of things just a few things. Just somethings I've been looking for and can't really find. Here they don't seem to have measuring cups. I'm starting to try to make food. I can't find measuring cups  so I've got to try to find out a way to figure it out. But that's not what I want you to send me.

I love you dad, tell mom and Jarrett I love them very much too.

Right now I'm just in the mission mode of every day work and really trying to work hard.  When I get home I'm really tired. When will bedtime come?  I hope everything is fine.

Love you guys.

With Elder Dean the Traveling Elder

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