Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 32 - Conference and Cui (Guinea Pig)

Hey Mom and Dad,

Thanks for sending all the pictures and your emails still trying to read them. This week has been good. My companion and I have set some goals and are really working hard to meet them.

I have made a new study plan for Spanish. I'm working hard on it and I can say that I feel like my Spanish is progressing.

Conference was a really big help for me. It helped me to not stress as much. I know that the Lord had a lot of answers for me during conference. Answers to questions that I had. I really did enjoy conference. This last conference was one of my favorites. Also I was able to hang out with some of the elders and just talk.  Speaking of which, one of my good friends, my district leader, is going home for a root canal soon. I'm kind of sad that he's leaving.  We talk a lot and get along good. He's kind of sad about that. But he will go home get that done and come back.

Had a good time this week. We have good investigators. We are teaching the daughter of a less active sister in the ward. We are working to reactivate and her daughter has a baptismal date for the 16th. We are still working with Alejandro. He wants to get baptized. He has told us that he knows the church is true. And has known it for a while. We are trying to work with his parents so that they can give him permission to be baptized.  If anyone has ideas on how to talk to his parents please send them to me.

Life is really good, I can't complain. We are still trying to get our investigators to come to church more. We are working with three families, two that are not married and one that is. Difficult at times to get them to come to church. But other than that everything is going good. This week has been fun and I have enjoyed it a lot. This week I feel like I have become really close to our Heavenly Father through prayer. When I pray I pray for a lot of things, not the normal things you usually pray for. And I have received a lot of answers. I'm really happy that I got the responses to my questions. Really made me think a lot that I do have a Heavenly Father that does love me.  Really happy that he does love me.

I really enjoyed conference. For me conference was what I needed to realize how to deal with problems and I'm just really happy.

I listened to that recording from Jarrett, Santa Vaca (Holy Cow) his voice is so deep. He's my little brother he can't be getting that old. He sounded so mature, and I don't know how I feel about that.

I love you guys so much I'm so happy. Thanks for praying for me and for all your doing.  Hope you have a really good week.  I have a lot to do and a lot to learn. I also learned that humility is required. I am working on that.

Oh, I had Cui today.(Guinea Pig)  We played Basket Ball with members today.  I sent photos of the Cui and a young man who is leaving soon on his mission.

Love you all.

Elder Pead

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