Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 58- Yeah Conference

Yeah Conference!
So Mom thinks about me a lot.  Cool, sometimes I think mom's thoughts are like 50 percent home, Jarrett, you , work and that stuff and the other 50 percent me.
Tell her I love her, and during all the talks about women this conference, I was thinking about her.

So Grandma is on dialysis, I am glad she is feeling better.  Thats tenas(good).
I remembered about a young investigator who has a problem like that to. But hey, he came to our activity for meet the Mormons!
Tell her I love her, and hope she keeps feeling better.

Well, today has been a short day. I can feel it go bye quickly already.
Got up, studied, planned, showered,(the water in the apartment is freezing cold and I have a huge pereza(lazy) to take showers now, well in the morning.  Thats life. Then left with the sisters to the center to buy some things. wow. mucho center.
Colombia is very different. Some things are weird.  Somethings are cool. But the only thing I ever buy is food.
I really need to buy batteries for my camera. Why I never have the ganas(desire) to buy them i'll never know.

Anyway this week we have been working with a few people.
In each lesson we have been inviting people to get baptized. And well, with the spirit in the lesson they say yes. So we have had a lot of baptismal dates. But, when it came close around to Sunday, only one came though.
MUCHO BELLANIRES VA  A SER BAUTIZADO!!!(Bellanires is going to be baptized)
So yeah, she´ll get there soon.
So we are trying to figure out what else we need to do, to have these people converted and to come with us to see the Lord's church.
So if you have any thoughts. Tell me. I need them.

We are progressing like a turtle, but slow and steady wins the race. Our race is to help all others come unto Christ, and be perfected in him.
Love you dad.
Love you mom.
Love you Jarrbear(even if you sleep in my bed)
Love you All.
All, have a great week.
ps. hope you took selfies with the Jentzschs. i love that family alot.

Elder Pead

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