Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 57 - Stay Focused on the Temple

Did I ever tell you I love Mondays? It's P Day!

Well we cleaned the house today it was great. Thanks for thinking about me on your way to work. That makes me feel good. I'm glad you like my emails and the photos I send. I probably won't be able to send photos today because my camera died. I left the charger for the batteries in Villa Gorgona. And well the other elders haven't sent me my charger yet. I guess I'll have to start buying batteries again, I really don't want to. They are expensive.

Thanks for letting me know about Grandma Pead. I hope she gets better. Tell her I love her and I am praying for her.

That's cool you got tickets to go to General conference. There are so many people here who would kill to go to conference.

That is cool that you are painting Jarrett's room.
Wait, I have a question are you going to be painting his room or my room? Because Jarrett is in my room right now. I'm so confused. I just want to know what color my room will be.

My companion is sitting right here next to me bugging me. He is from Peru but he acts like he's from Mexico. He is cool.

I was reading  your email. You said, enjoy the time I have left in my mission. I was like dad I have so much time left why are you telling me to make sure to enjoy it? Every day I am enjoying it. Please stop saying things like that. Really I am having lots of fun. And yes I will keep smiling.

Yes, my district consists of my companion and I and the sister training leaders. Everyone in my district is cool. One of the sisters is from Mexico and the other is from Bolivia. The sister from Bolivia, Hermana Limachi, always stops and talks to everyone she sees. If a couple walks by, she talks to them.  If a family walks by she talks to them. When we are going to church or to a meeting with them we never get there on time because she always stops and talks. That is a good thing though. I told her that she taught me a lesson without even speaking to me. I need to do better at talking to people I see.

In the district I was in before there were 8 total missionaries. There was always something to do, small problems to try to help with. Here in this district I call the sisters to get their reports and they tell me  " we are good, we're sister training missionaries were always fine". We are helping The sisters with one of their investigators. And we are trying to get our area to progress along.

I have learned super much these past two weeks.  No dad, I didn't find any long-lost relatives at the zoo.

I told you last week about Elder Uceda. He taught us a lot of good stuff and got us working even better. I am really happy to be a missionary right now, in this time. I have been focusing a lot on my study and the Scriptures. And yes dad, I am reading the Scriptures in Spanish. I only look up certain words in the English scriptures for point of reference of translation. Elder Uceda told all of the Latin missionaries to study in English. Because English is the language of the restoration and there are certain words that don't translate as correctly in other languages. And you can understand more of the doctrine that way.

I have been studying Moisah chapter 2. In the past I would study and read quickly and get through the chapters. But this week I have been focusing really hard to study more in depth. In one week I haven't even finished the chapter yet. It's weird to see how much I've been studying. There are things I have learned in this chapter that are very essential. They have impacted me with my study, with my testimony, and how I teach. When we teach the people to know about these things, I think about the experiences I've had. And I can feel the spirit in me. And I can tell them that I can feel the spirit that they are feeling the spirit. I can feel the spirit inside of me coming out and it's not me talking.

I have felt the spirit many times during my mission but during these past weeks I have felt it so much more. And I know and understand how essential it is to teach with the spirit.  Without the spirit we don't have success. If we don't have success we cannot help other people be baptized and come unto Christ.

This chapter is so great it talks about families, it talks about the prophets, about who they are. It talks about leaders, it talks about service. It just talks about everything. I just keep reading and reading and reading and learning great things.  One of the great things I love is in verse 36,37 and 38.  It's hard to describe how I feel when I read this.  What I learned from this is that if we need to obey the things that King Benjamin spoke about.  We need to obey the commandments. If we don't we will feel anguish and hurt like a fire that cannot be put out. This taught me a lot. I can look back when I was younger a few years ago and I understand feelings I had when I didn't do the things that I should have. And I understand why it is so important keep the commandments. I find it so cool that I am not just telling people and teaching them that they need to keep the commandments , but  that I know and understand why it is so important to keep them.

I love studying the Scriptures I wish we had more time than just one hour to study. This week has changed me a lot. I can't believe I'm learning all this great stuff. I love how this chapter talks about how the people pitched their tents with the doors facing the temple. We need to apply this in our lives and always need to have our focus on the temple. We need to keep the temple in sight. The things that we do, we need to ask will they help us get to the temple or will they help us stray from the temple.

There are so many things that I've learned this week. I have like five pages of notes. It helps so much when we teach because I know these things for fact.  They are things that I have learned and not something that I've only read out of a book.

We always need to learn and study and do better. I am so happy and excited to work.

I love all you guys a lot like a lot.

Remember families can be together forever.

Have a great week.

Elder Pead

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