Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 56- Great Meeting with Area President and Visit to the Zoo

So this week, we had the great opportunity to hear from Elder Uceda.
he is the Area President and well, what can I say.  It was the best experience.

Our mission is the best in the area of finding people, but the people don't commit, we use good techniques and all, but we really did fault in something.  It was like, news to my ears. We talked a lot about preach my gospel and how it really helps, because if we are the best with using techniques, great but if we can't help people with their problems, they will not change.

So the mission will change.  Again.  But this time, it's for a reason. I'm so excited. Like dramatically excited.

This week my companion and I have been trying to work on our faith.  How it works with contacting and during the lessons. We have had miracles happen, things that are just amazing.

We have felt the spirit and I just want it with us en every lesson we can have.

I'm so sorry my English is crap and my spelling horrid.(Good thing his Dad corrects all the mistakes before putting on the blog.)

We are putting to test the promises made by Elder Uceda, and we will see the results this week.

We are still finding people, and the people we find are well, different, all with different problems. So we need to study every day, every chance we have until we know how to help them.

This letter is really kind of here and there, but I know that I'm just really really excited to see how this week goes. We have a lot to do, and well, I'm just happy.

Its weird, sometimes it's really just how our attitude is and how we want to deal with things that counts. If we deal with it well, we will do well. You know give up the bad things and do the good things.

love you all.

Elder Pead

ps. lots of fotos de zoo

Click on Video above or on Link below.

Link to video

District Activity at the Zoo

Never was good at using a map

Meeting with Elder Uceda

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