Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 55 - Surprise Transfer

Questions from Mom:

Did you like the Missionary figures she sent?
Yes I liked them.
mama, porque el negro misionero es Misionero numero 2 y el gringo misionero es Misionero numero 1. eso es racista!!! jaja chiste chiste.  (Mom, why is the darker missionary, Missionary number 2 and the lighter skined one Missionary number 1?  That is racist.  Just kidding)

What did your companion think of what she sent him?
My companion is loved the letter. and the gift.

Glad you enjoyed the Kool-Aid. What was your favorite flavor?
My favorite flavor was The blue ice lemonade, tropical blue punch and the  purplesaurus rex.

What was your reaction to the Lego T-shirt?
Todo es increíble!!(everything is awesome)

Have you written your grandparents in Venezuela it yet?
I have sent the letter. Don't worry

Where are you getting your skinny pants from?  
oh the baptismal pants are not mine. the sister missionaries had a baptism that week and the young man asked me to baptize him. So we went to Elder Parvina's house and he was the only one who had pants.  He is skinny.

Question from Dad.

Do you still hate me because my feet stink? (Long running joke)
and no dad I do not hate you because your feet stink.
... because now my feet stink too.


Jarrett and his mustache. dang Looking good . Yeahhhh Austin is legal. Go buy some Dry Ice by yourself and show that ID and let's make root beer... I miss that a lot.

Dad, preach my gospel says that when you have a testimony, share it. so you better bear your testimony about BYU football. You have too. haha.(I told Dallin, I was going to get up in testimony meeting and express how the church has to be true because BYU football has won two "miracle" games.)

Well, the food I have been eating lately is Good. I just love the juice.  I can't handle when I come home I will not have all the exotic fruits to drink.

I'm not the only Lego nerd in the Mission. But in my zone I believe I am.
So this week... on Friday after a great activity where we had over 7 investigators come the stake center to watch Meet the Mormons and also a bus full of members from Villa Gorgona, I got a call at 9:40 in the night.
I got a informal transfer. extra oficial.
So I'm now in Cali. Apparently a few missionaries have been real pitiado(done some stupid things) aqui and well,  transfers were needed. so I'm in Cali, the heart of the mission.
I'm the district leader here and have the Hermanas Entrenadoras de Cali (Sister Training Missionaries of Cali, in my district)...
Lots to live up to haha.

We went to KFC today, to help me get out of the ¨extraoficiales¨ sadness I had.
The mission is really different here in Cali. It's hard. But that's where the miracles come in.
I love you guys so much.
A lot.
I hope you all have a good week.
Oh yeah, my comp is Elder Sanchez from Peru.
Oh and mom, I met a sister missionary from Venezuela!!

Love you guys.

Elder Pead

Saying Goodbye

Killer Dog

This is used to defend yourself from the dog

Bus Ride to Meet the Mormons

Sad about Transfer News

Saying Goodbye

Packing up all those belongings 

The Bartman welcomes Elder Pead to Cali

Elder Sanchez

A little KFC to perk you up

Loving the Popcorn Chicken

Zone Conference from a few weeks ago.

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