Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 35 - Interviews with The President

Hi mom and dad,

Things are also cruising along good here for me. That's great that Jefferson's going to be visiting you guys on the fifth. Really happy, looking forward to talking with you guys coming up.

That is freaking cool that Zach got his call to go to Ghana. Africa! He's going to have a blast.

That's great that Shaylee is getting baptized this next week. Tell her I love her. Also tell grandma happy birthday this week.

This week is been a week of learning a lot of new things. We had our interviews with the assistants to the president and the president.  We are learning a lot of things that we are trying to put into practice. The president told me that he had noticed that I have changed a lot on my mission. He said "Your new companion that you will be getting soon will either be, one of the following, A missionary that needs to learn to follow the rules, or a new missionary who will also need to learn how to follow the rules." So I guess I will be getting some missionaries who need to learn how to follow the rules and I need to shape them up.  We will see how that goes.

We have a baptism planned for this week of a young girl. Her name is Lina. Her mother was a menos activo( less active).  We rescued her this week. She now has a calling in the church. That is great!  We have been working hard this last transfer, trying to get people to teach. We have been working with this family since day one that I got here. It's been three months that we have been working with them. And we are seeing the fruits of that labor. Today we are going to have a lesson with them. Next week you will see some pictures. Pray for them that all will go well and she will be able to be baptized. She's a little nervous.

I have some news on the call for Mother's Day. We can't go to a members house or investigators house to do this. So it looks like we will have to do it on Saturday so that we can find a place that is open to be able to Skype with you. I will let you know what time next week.

We will be working hard this coming week. Hopefully we will have some investigators we can place baptismal dates with. We have a lot of investigators but many are not progressing.

Thank you guys so much for everything. Oh, I received the second package you sent. Where did you find those measuring spoons and cups? They are nice.

I love the pictures you sent of grandpa and of you guys. They're really nice. I am downloading them and printing them off.

I love you guys a lot.

Oh, just so you know,  President and Sister Pricoli were very worried about me, because I have lost a lot of weight. They said my suit looks big on me.  I have had to open up two new belt holes. That's what you get, here in the mission. Everything is fine.

Have a great week.

Elder Pead

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