Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 33

Hey mom and dad,

I got the package you sent for myself for my companion. Thank you very much. My companion sends his regards and thanks for things you sent him. He wasn't expecting anything. I gave him the video and he was happy and then the card mom sent. He says thank you very much.

I am going to print out Troy's email that he sent, so I can read it at my apartment.

That's great that mom was able to go to the temple today. I read that and I was happy and that is good. We had a few members here that were able to go to the temple in Bogotá. They came back and they gave lessons and talks in Sacrament meeting about it. I really can't wait to go to the temple again. I need to go to the temple again.

Just so you know, yes it was very hard for me to contain my emotions about eating guinea pig. You know I had the overwhelming urge to eat guinea pig. Now I have satisfied that urge. Yes, maybe in the future I will have the opportunity to eat cows stomach. Oh and dad, just so you know I have had the opportunity to eat chickens feet. Sorry I didn't tell you sooner. And boy did I love it. Sorry, I'm a liar, it wasn't very good.

That is great that Zach is getting his mission papers in. I am so excited for him. He sent me an email a few weeks ago and that was awesome. That is great that Doug is going to serve in Italy. I have heard that that is a very tough mission. If you see him again tell him congratulations and that will be a great mission.

That is great that Christian Paystrup was ordained a teacher yesterday! I'm so excited!

Today for P day, well I got a haircut. You will not get a picture of it. It is very short. But I like it short. We played fútbol(soccer).  We went to a really cool restaurant. We had never been there before. We went with Elder Skinner and Elder Cubillos.  Elder Skinner is from my group and we are Bros until the end. The restaurant is called Capitán Nirvana.  You enter into it and there are huge pictures of different bands. You will see photos. We ate some really good food there. I was able to spend some time with Elder Skinner, he's a really good friend of mine. Him and I have a lot in common. It was great. Elder Cubillos también (also). He is new in the mission, and really fun to be around. It's been a really good, nice P day.  Oh, we also cleaned today we clean every p day.

Mother's Day is coming up next month. And we will have more information on what I need to do to talk to you guys. Don't worry I will let you know.

We are continuing to work hard and have members and investigators that are progressing.

Thanks for your love. Hope you guys have a good week.

Elder Pead

Goodbye Guinea Pig,  Now we are Bee Missionaries

Elder Skinner, Elder Coca

Elder Pead, Elder Cubillos

Bros till the end

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