Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 34

Hi mom and dad,

Happy birthday dad, Whoopi, it's your birthday!

This week has been very different. As I told you before my companion and I weren't having the greatest days.  This week, we have done very good. Today has been a great day. I read Troy's letter from last week. And he had lots of  good advice. He told me to treat my companion like a brother. I have, and it has worked great.(Dallin's Dad asked his great friend and mission companion Troy Jentzsch to write to Dallin and give his some advice.  Troy learned a lot about patience in the mission, after all he did have to spend a few months with Dallin's dad.  Thanks Troy.)

This week has been really uplifting. We had seven people assist(attend) the meetings this week. They stayed for all three hours. Seven investigators, that's a lot to attend Church in one week. So we had a really good week.

We have found a new family to teach. We will be visiting them tomorrow. I am really excited.

One of the things we have been working on this week is with the members. We are focusing a lot on members this week. Working with what is called nido,(nest) we are trying to get the investigators to have a nest with the members. There are a few of the members who have fallen away from the church a little bit because they didn't have friends. We really have great members that we are working with on this. Currently we are working with the primary president to have a noche de hogar(Family Home Evening) with a less active family and their daughter who wants to be baptized in two weeks. We are working hard to help her so that she can be baptized. It is very cool. I love to work with the members.

Also I am focusing on what I can do to better myself.  First off I am focusing hard on studying Spanish. Practice, practice, practice and learn a lot more. I am studying a lot in preach my gospel. About study tips and how to study better.  I also I'm trying to apply what I learned studying in the discussions we teach. And seriously in one day, my companion I felt the spirit so much better in the lessons we taught that day. We were able to help investigators overcome many of the doubts and questions they had.  I know that the Holy Ghost can help us so much, and help our investigators to understand and feel the spirit. It is so important that we have the Holy Ghost with us constantly.

Mom, thanks for your letter you sent. I don't know why you do this to me. I have still got a lot of time left in the mission. (Dallin's mom wrote to him that a missionary reported his mission on Sunday. All she could think about was Dallin reporting his.) Seriously mom, I feel so good and feel your love when I read your letters.  Yes, when I get back we will all be able to read the Scriptures together in Spanish, it will be great.

Mamá, te quiero mucho.

Jarrett, I love you superduper much. I hope you enjoy my room.

I love you all.

Elder Pead

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