Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 13 - New Elder, Mangos Galore and He is the Gift.

Hey Everyone,

This week was fast. We got a new Elder, Elder Bernalles, he's 20 and from Peru. So not a gringo.... so no English, but that's good! That just means I'll learn Spanish faster! yeahhhh

Let's see, I love mangos. Mangos I love. Who do I love? Mangos, for they are my love. I've drank, eaten and had mangos a lot this week. I'm in love with them.

What happened to me?

We also, and by we, I mean all the missionaries in the world are doing "He is the Gift."
check that link out to learn more.

But dang, this next month is going to be hard, but good. We will be contacting 10 people a day. New people and talking about Jesus Christ and how he is our gift. and though him, we can gain exaltation.

Love you all, keep writing, and I'll do my best to write back.

Love Elder Pead

Parts of Letter to home:

Hey padra fatherda,

Things are going fine here. We got a lot of work to do. I'll tell you why in a minute.
So, you know that know that new greenie gringo I was so excited about? well, he's not a gringo. Elder Bernalles is from Peru, but he is so cool! He's funny, spiritual and really open to listening to things. I love going on splits with him and just goofing off in the apartment.

So, no English for me, in fact, my English is changing rapidly and I have to use Spanish words when I speak English now. It's weird to forget English, but my Spanish is improving.

I also picked up the packages. Thanks for them by the way?  Just an fyi
I also had to pay 40mil (40 thousand Pesos, 19 Dollars) to receive them. I don't know why but I had money saved up for it. haha.

I'm glad you could go and watch the Lords University play haha. We have members say that all the time here about BYU haha. There are a few who are working to get in. So they are taking a lot of English classes. BYU Idaho to be exact.

To answer mom's question, I eat a lot of rice, bread, and different types of meat. Also ensalada (salad). lots. I like it know.


My favorite is with mango in it.  Like, you dip the salad in a mango juice, a little, then you cut up mangos and you eat it. ILOVEMANGOSOHMYGOSH.

Other then that I eat regular salad with onions and stuff. That's also good.

OH my hair! We have a sister here who cuts for gratis(free). She does it well, it's just its so hot here I can't even have the time with it. So cutting it short just helps though the day and stuff.

So, that conference yesterday. Let's just say that second coming is coming really fast. haha.

During the month of December we are doing a initiative called, He is the Gift or Él es la Dádiva. We have to give out 10 cards a day to people and talk about Christ and how he is our gift and though him, we can return to Heavenly Father.


The church is coming out with it in December and all, Ensign and stuff. They bought the ad space on YouTube for December 7.... the entire ad space. So in the USA, Canada, Colombia, Brazil and some other countries you will see it!

Also they bought ads in Time Square in New York!, for the whole month of Diciembre(December). It's so legit.

Because of this, we will be working so much more, as well as keeping busy with new investigators we get through this.

We also get to help members use face book to spread it, so if they don't know how to, I'll get to show them though my face book and stuff.

I'm so excited to work this next month, I know if my comp and I do our best and testify of Christ and that he is the gift to us, we will have eternal life.

Love you Dad and Mom, tell Jarrbear(Jarrett) I love Him. Those photos you sent are great. For real. I love them.

Love your son,

Elder Pead

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