Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 10- Mosquito Nets and Subway Sandwich

Hey ya'll! 

It's like the something week number I've been here! I really forgot! This week has gone by fast. Like, really, a lot. Haha that's good right? This week we realized that we needed more investigators. So we've been really trying our best to do that! It's weird trying to talk to people on the street because I get like, reallllly scared. It's like I just say hi, we are missionaries! Then die... It's really a problem haha. But really it's been a fast week.

This week, one of our investigators, the couple that is golden, the wife told us in private that she would like to be baptized pretty much. and what we can see is that the husband wants to too. He came to church the other day and bore his testimony during testimony meeting! It was so grand!  He has such a strong knowledge of the gospel now and he really wants to learn about the priesthood!  He also asked for a tithing slip to start paying tithing! The next lesson we will be talking about marriage and how it can bless their lives.

That's another thing about Colombia, many people who have been together for over 20 to like, 50 years aren't married. So when we talk about eternal marriage and familias, it really gets them interested.

We have a lot of new contacts we need to teach, so wish me and Elder Prieto luck!

With love and lots of lemonade,
Elder Pead

PS. We now have mosquitoes with malaria! So we have a net to protect us at night! It's only my area of Jamundi and Buenaventura that needs them in the mission. AREN'T  WE LUCKY!

PSS. I learned how to make juice. All kindsssss yeah

Excerpts from letter to home.

I KNEW YOU WOULD DO POPCORN I KNEW IT HAHA!(We did our Annual Halloween Trick or Treat popcorn and candy handouts) That's great you guys got to have that great day! Halloween here is very... hard to be around. We just have to look at the sky a lot.(I guess lots of interesting things to see) haha. 

We have transfers in a few weeks and its weird to think I could get a new companion, but I know the Lord does what he needs to.

DAD ITS GETING HARDER TO SPEAK ENGLISH. I talk to Abner, a member who speaks very well, and it's kind of hard to talk sometimes.(That is a sign that he is thinking in Spanish more.) We also have a family of 6 who all speak English. They are from Canada and the 14 year old told me, how Colombia is so different and hard to get adjusted to, especially not having hot water.

I just said to him, putting my hand on his shoulder. Bienvenidos a Colombia.

Sweet! I'm glad you're sending candy.(We told him we had sent a package with candy) I've been dropping weight haha. I was at 105 kilos when I got to the mission, now I'm 100 kilos going on 98. Lots of walking and drinking water helps haha.

I'm really happy that I get to be here now, I'm bonding with the members and the investigators are progressing. I think we will have one baptism soon, a young man named Juan Giago. He is ready, just needs to be interviewed. 

I really miss you dad, talking to you and just seeing you, as well as Mom and Jarrett. I saw a kid a few days ago and I really thought it was Jarrett and I started to cry a little. I miss him dearly. It also doesn't help when you see a Caillou book in Spanish haha. (Dallin would read those books with Jarrett)
Love you guys. I'll keep working hard as long as you guys do!

With all my love, your son,

Elder Dallin Travis Pead

I love to make funny faces

Look what I found

Rainy Season

Christmas starts in November

Yea Mosquitoes
During study time, came across this photo of my Uncle Dallas' Good friends
 form his mission in Guatemala 
Photo from the Liahona Magazine


Subway Eat Fresh

Must be the first of the month.  Have money to eat out.

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