Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 12- Bug Bites and Baptisms

So lots of bug bites, like tons of.  I really got to put on my repellent before I leave for the day. The worst bites are the ones on your fingers, because well, they hurt..yeahhhh.

Other than that, Transfers are this week. Elder Prieto my comp will be staying with me for another transfer. Elder Zunga will be going and We will be getting a new gringo. We don't know if he speaks Spanish or anything, so we are waiting eagerly for Wednesday.

Jose Camilo got baptized last Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. He bore his testimony about the Holy Ghost and how he was ready. Hermano Pedro baptized Jose. He is the Father of Jose's Lady Friend.  Being in class with him is also cool, we get to hear his testimony all the time!

Elder Pead, Hermano Pedro, Jose, Elder Prieto

This week we also had Ward Council Training on rescuing less active members and retaining new members. It was grand and it really got us all involved with thinking about what we could do to help the members, less actives and new converts.

We all think that I will be here until February, so that's also nice to think about. It's weird to think I've been out for 3 months now, but hey, that's the life right?

With lots of love and scratching,

Elder Pead

Parts of letter to home

Dear Padra,

So I got one of the packets! I will be getting it next zone meeting.
I got to pay like an extra 39mil (39 Thousand Pesos or $18) on it but hey, I'll save lots of money for it. haha. Sweet, I can't wait to eat them gummies!  haha.

Let's see, This week, Jose Camilo got Baptized, and we also got news on transfers. Elder Zunga is going to a new area and my comp is staying with me.  He will be completing 6 months here by the end December. That's a lot of time in one area, so I will not have a "Mother Trainer" I'll just have a dad.  At first I was kind of mad about it. Mostly because him and I have been having problems with how rules should be and how we should go about the day, but then I realized everything has a purpose. So I will be loving him to death and trying to figure out why he is here with me for another transfer.

I'm glad Jarrett is doing good and hasn't forgotten me yet haha. Tell him I love him lots and that I want to give him a biggg hug.

Mama, yo estoy bien! solamente mucho sancudos haha. Yo manda fotos cuando yo puedo. Te quiero mucho.

Oh and by the way Dad, I hand wash all my shirts, because the collars get dirty, I also use a towel not to get myself dirty. So it's like that picture of you haha!
For your enjoyment, Here is the photo Dallin is talking about.
I had the Whitest Shirts in all the Maracaibo Venezuela Mission.
Yes, I am still very proud of that fact.

Love you lots and miss you.
Elder Pead

Mirror, Mirror on the wall Who is the fairest Elder of them all?

Rocking the short Hair


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