Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's a Broadcast

Hey everyone! Today we have a special broadcast via internet, and we are on break for like, 10 minutes, so I just wanted to write and say hey! Today in the Mission Conference Broadcast the President talked about a new change in the mission, and that is with almuerzo!(Lunch)

Starting in December it looks like, from what I could understand from the conference, we are going to have  Almuerzo with just 1 member a week, but we will help prepare it with them for the week. So i guess that's cool! We can get to know the families better i guess haha? But really I'll write more about it next week, because I'm still a little confused.

We also had a review on rules, receipts, transportation, food, medical and so many new things. So many things, but it's really good to know.  Now I'm not as so confused on these things.

Just wanted to say I miss you guys, and write when you can!  Love you all!

Write to you on Monday!

Elder Pead

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