Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 4



So, this week, we got to go deep into the Gospel more. AND DANG it's tough.
Even in English sometimes it's hard to talk. haha. But all is well. I got
two new roommates, one from Venezuela, and one from Ecuador. They are soooo
cool. We had trouble with the Venezuelan for the first week, but we turned
around and decided to love him.

This week we went proselyting, and I'm not gonna lie, tough. But we got a
number! let's hope the Missionaries in Bogota North chat her up!  But really it
gave me confidence and hope, this IS the work of God.

I only have two more weeks here in the CCM, and I get my Latino companion
today.  It's kind of weird to think I've been here for about a month, I
count four weeks as a month by the way. But really. I'm happy.

The CCM has treated me well. I love it. I really am going to miss it, but I
know I can't be here forever, I gotta go out and do the Lords Work.

I saw some missionaries today at the Distribution Center, and the English
Elder really speaks well. He's been out for a year and a half, so there is
still hope for me!

I love the temple, and I would highly urge you all to go, and do everything
in your power to go and do the Lords Work. It need to be done.  Eternal
Families want to be together, and we have to only take a day out of the
week, or month to go.

I love you all guys!  Keep writing please! I won't get to respond to all, but I'll try
;)  Anyways, I got to get going, and btw, I will not be writing for like, 10
days I think... so yeah, DON'T BE MAD HAHA.

Love with all this kid can love,

√Člder Pead

My Group

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