Friday, October 3, 2014

Week 5 New Latin Companion

I got a new comp, ELDER URETA! he is legit! I love him. Also, 4 days to go
before I leave for CALI wish me luck!


My new Latin Companion Elder Ureta

Thanks for the emails Dad! Was it fun having the kids(Darren and Mel's family) over and all them? I hope they miss me haha. Sucks to hear about Mel's Dad and all, tell her I hope she's doing well.

(How are things going with your new Latin Companion?)Oh they are going great! His name is Elder Ureta. He is really cool and he likes Power Rangers too... SO BEST COMPANION EVERRRRR. I'm doing good this week. I actually think I've been doing a lot better with everything over all. Spanish is getting better, I think, so that's good. I love my district. There are three Venezuelans in my district and they are all great! I love them all, and the sisters are grand too! We have 4 and they talk to me and are super nice and cool!

I'm slowly starting to love the mission more. It's getting to me, I think the only hard part is ugh, getting up? haha. but really, I'm excited to leave the CCM. I love it to death, but I know I need to be off soon and stuff, so I'm excited!

We went proselyting again the other day, and it was grand! We only got one contact, but we planted many seeds in their hearts.

Just an FYI for you, We are leaving Tuesday for Cali, I think early morning,  so I'll either email you to tell you I made it or something else. I do not know. haha.

Love you!
Your baby boy,
√Člder Pead

My Teachers

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  1. Those Latin companions are so lucky to have Dallin--the semi-latin as their companion.