Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week 84 - Conference Boost

Let's  see, to answer your questions.

What and where do we eat between the sessions of conference? We ate in the church. Our pensionista brought arroz con pollo (rice with chicken).  It was very very good!

When will I get my new name tag? I've been asking that same question for about two months now. I don't know. I don't even know when I'm going to get that package you sent me.

Did you guys hear about the new temples? My companion was freaking out. A new temple in Peru and one in Ecuador!

Conference was really good. I loved it so much. For me all the talks were about charity and they got to me a lot. I found myself asking why do I feel so good. We had three investigators show up to conference. Jorge who has a baptismal date for this week. We also have two new investigators who have baptism dates. They are Maria and Jairo.  She is the daughter of our recent convert and her boyfriend.  She did not want to listen to us at all. After she saw her mom change and change her example in the church she decided  to come.

We talked with them yesterday. We talked about charity and how God loves us so much. We discussed how through the restoration, the gospel of Jesus Christ is back on the earth and the ordinance of baptism is the gate to enter in. We talked about celestial marriage in the temple. While we were talking we asked them if they were thinking of getting married and would like to get married. They said yes. We asked them if they would like to get baptized.  They said yes. Afterwards we had a prayer and Jairo offered it.  He was a little hesitant at first but he did it. During the prayer he started to cry. After he was done, we were on our knees for a good 10 seconds in silence.  Then Maria started saying her own prayer out loud.  After that the spirit just was put upon us. I testify that we felt it! I don't know how God works sometimes but he works good!  After that prayer we got up and gave each other hugs.  We left and my companion and I didn't quite know what to think.  We realized that we really do have pure love for the people here.  Like they said in conference, have charity for these people, for they are sons and daughters of God.  And if they are sons and daughters of God we must have love for them.  It made me think about how I need to have charity in every aspect of my life. I know that is what makes a missionary very successful. How he demonstrates his charity and service unto the people. I received my answer during conference and that is what I will be working on these next few months before I come home. Really having charity and how it embellishes itself and how I can feel it and help others feel it.

I'm really happy I had that experience. I have had many spiritual experiences during the mission, but this is one that I can never forget. And every time I think about it, the Holy Spirit just reminds me that this is the best thing I can be doing.

I hope all of you can put conference more in your lives. Now that it has passed, like Elder Holland said, We have had a great conference but we cannot forget about it.  We need to put the teachings in our lives. Use family home evening to discuss the conference talks.  You can use every Monday to discuss a conference talk. Pray to know which ones you should use.

Dad, never give up on anything.  Something I have always admired about you, dad, is that you have always persevered. You always did your best. That's what I want to do here in my mission. I want to keep serving until it's done. I don't want to come home and feel like I didn't give it my all. I want to be like my father.  Because my father gave his all during his mission time. And my other father has given everything he has owned unto us, even his beloved son, our brother Jesus Christ.

Love you all,

Elder Pead