Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Week 83 - Staying in Palmira

Well what can I say, great week!
I loved the fotos you sent and all, super great!

ha-ha Jarrett doesn't like getting up.. he is a real teenager then.
This week we found lots of new people and had a baptism of Marta. what whattt!
Jorge will be baptized on the 9th of April after a interview with President Pricoli!
Marta invited her daughter and daughter's boyfriend to the ordnance. And well, we are going to teach them.
The boyfriend Jario, is really interested and loves how we are focusing on the family. So yeah, super happy!

All is well.
Transfers came early.  Elder Altamirano se fue.(left) and Elder Prieto, my father, trainer, is coming to the district... so yeah... fun fun.....
We found this really great couple named Mayra and Gustavo. They had a really special experience this week.
When we finished the lesson , we had a prayer on our knees and Gustavo said it.
The day we went back to visit them, Mayra told us that day Gustavo was thinking about dropping us, but when he prayed, he felt super good, and he has been praying on his knees since.
so... all is well.

I testify that the spirit gets to the hearts of men, whatever way possible. He knows us, and for that he sends the holy ghost to guide us and comfort us, and well to testify that Jesus is the Christ.

I love you family.
I love Palmira, glad I'll be here for another transfer. I really think I'm building testimony here. Like, alot. haha.

Love yah.

Elder Pead
Elder Pead's Study time after waiting all night for Info on Transfers

When Elder Pead leaves the room before District Meeting, He gets assigned every part on the agenda.  

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