Thursday, February 4, 2016

Week 75 - Teaching English

Hey mom and dad,

I am having a good day.  You asked me, "how goes the battle in Palmira?".  Well it is going good. We had the less active families we are working with come to church. They came for sacrament meeting and we were super happy. In total we had, well a lot of people come to church. It was great! The nonmember father of one of the families came.  He was really excited to come. He is going to progress a lot. We are going to continue to figure out how to help them along.  Do whatever we need to do.  He says he wants to get baptized. We just need to help them get married.
They are great families. The young men and young women that are in these families have committed to attend seminary. So we are going to be helping them get the seminary.

I received the package you sent. Thank you. I am happy to have a camera again. I will be sending you pictures today.

You asked about me eating Arepas.  Yes, I do eat them. They are grand, you could say I love them. There's a restaurant we go to every once in a while called La Arepita.  It is really good. Yes mom, you should be happy that your son has learned to eat Arepas.

Things are going ok with the other elders in the district. Working on keeping their animo (excitement) up. They are great guys.

Sending you some funny pictures. Living in an apartment with three other elders sometimes can be an adventure.

Things are going good, love you guys. Oh the branch president loves us. He loves that we have English classes for the members. Because of things like this, he has more trust in us. Every sacrament meeting he talks about the English class and how we have such a great teacher and points me out. I always feel like augh, that is so great.

Have a great week.

Elder Pead

Wearing Elder Pead's Stretchy Pants

elder pead in the corner

Elder Pead learning to cook

Teaching Ingles

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