Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Week 74 - I have never felt this great.

First off tell Samantha congratulations on her mission call. Guadalajara Mexico, that is so cool she is going to love it there.  Plus she gets to speak Spanish, that's even better.

I am going to print your other email and read it when I have more time. It sounds like a great idea to carry a Book of Mormon in our hand at all times.  That would help distinguish us from missionaries of other churches.

The families that we are working to reactivate. Well we have two families we are working with.  One of them, the wife is a member. The three children are members. The husband is not a member but he has a good testimony of the church. We are working on helping them to get married. It shouldn't be too hard to help them get married. The hard part is working with them to come to church on Sunday. We just need to be patient and find ways to help them have the desire come each Sunday.

The other family is great. The 14 year old in the family, he is really strong. He has a strong testimony of the Gospel. Every time he speaks and shares his testimony, we cry.  His little sister and mom have strong testimonies as well. We are working with the father so that he can gain a stronger testimony of the gospel.   We are really giving it our best. We have been through so many emotions this past week.

I have never felt this great in my mission. I have felt the spirit constantly every day. My companion is really great at calling on the spirit.  We have had these great lessons and we focus on the needs of the individuals. We are working on getting them to commit to do the things that will help them.

We are beginning to see more progress in the branch. This week we have been chatting with members and helping them have spiritual experiences. We are beginning to get more and more references from them. It is so great, without asking they just come up to us and say here are some people we know that you could visit.  We are very happy about that.

I am loving this branch.  Or branch president is really doing great. He knows what he's doing and he wants us to do a lot of good things. He wants us to do a lot of activities as well, to help the branch out. So we are putting forth a lot of effort to do that and help the branch progress.

Well, that's about it.  I am really happy.

Love you all Super Duper much.

Elder Pead

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