Thursday, February 18, 2016

Week 77 - The adventures of being a missionary in Cali Colombia

Well hello,

I am reading your letter, and to answer a couple of questions, yes, I am enjoying cooking. We are actually going to make some stuff today. We will be making a dessert from Maracuya.(Passion Fruit) I just love Maracuya.  We were talking about this in English class the other day. I realized that I had eaten passion fruit before I came on my mission. I love it even more so now.

Yes, we clean a lot. We clean differently here. Here it is a lot of cleaning. At home it was more vacuuming but here it is more scrubbing the floors. It's all good.

Yes, I do clean and polish my shoes, as in shoe shining.  I asked a men here for some new tips on how to shine shoes and he had a long list of things to do. I told him I only had like 10 minutes to shine my shoes.  So yeah.  I am actually starting to see a little tear in my shoes now. But they should last me till I come home. I also would like to buy a nice pair of shoes down here. We will see.

Hey, I wanted to ask you how testimony meeting was this month. We had some really good testimonies this month. Here the members understand that they should share a short testimony of about two minutes. We did have a couple of members that went for 5 to 6 minutes. It was a really good meeting.

Yes, I believe I am teaching English very well. We have fun.  It is a good class.

Yes, some days we are very pressed for time. Especially on P days. We live a little far from our area. We walk for like 20 minutes just to get to our pensionista.  Lots of walking.

Our investigators are progressing.  I guess sometimes I don't tell you a whole lot about our investigators. So here's a segment I'd like to call,

"The investigators of Elder Pead and Elder Berreo. The adventures of being a missionary in Cali Colombia. Serving in Palmira". Subtitle "Everything is Awesome."

The familia Arsa is doing good. They will be getting their marriage papers  this week. They just need some more fellow shipping from the elders quorum.  A lot of the young women know them well and fellowship them good but we need to get more adults to visit them. We will be working on that. They are reading the book of Mormon and that is really great. Their son Santiago just had his 10th birthday. He is super cool. So we gave him one of my ties. We cut it down and fixed it for him.  I will send a picture. He is so cute.  I love that kid. He is like the strongest one in the family. He picks the best scriptures and gives the best testimonies. He helps the family realize how the church is very important.  We are helping the family have more of a union with the branch.

Familia Garcia,  they are doing good as well. The father is getting some good fellowshipping.  The second counselor in the branch went and visited with him and invited him to some good activities. They were ready to come to church this week, dressed and everything but the mother of the father had an emergency and they had to go help her.  Other than that they're doing good. We are going to have a noche de hogar (family home evening) with them on Wednesday.  We just need to help them get stronger testimonies.

My companion is helping me a lot.  If we have references it is so easy for me to start talking to the people and have great conversations. But it is still kind of hard to do cold contacting in the street. We are working on that.  I know that there are people who are ready to hear from the missionaries. So we are facing our fears and reaching out to people.
I couldn't have asked for a better companion. I love him so much.  He has taught me a lot. I would dare to say he has possibly taught me more than any companion I've had. I have had a lot of great companions.  To me the greatest companions I've had that have taught me the most are, Elder Valenzuela.  He taught me so much on how to speak to people. How to help them know the gospel is true.  Elder Mendez taught me how to plant the seed in the investigator. To feel the spirit, to really feel it.   With Elder Requilme, I learned how to progress when we didn't  have anything to do.  How to act when you don't have anyone that is progressing.  How to de-stress when you are stressing.  With Elder Berreo I have learned to become a better person. He is helping me to learn how to better call the spirit when we are teaching lessons.  These companions have really helped me through a lot.  I hope we stay together this next transfer. Transfers are next week.  I really hope we don't change.

That's about it for this week. I'm really happy, and hungry. We're going to go eat some chicken!

Love you mom, love you dad, love you Jarrett.

Have a great week.

With love,

Elder Pead

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