Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week 71 - New Years

Hey Mom and Dad,

First off let me tell you a couple of things. My camera broke after all this time. We are going to a service project, And I really don't know what happened but it's broken. Also my voice recorder died, but I put it in a lot of rice and what can I say it works now.  That was the first part of the week.

The second part of the week is well, Sister Limachi is finishing her mission this week. We have a lot of things planned to send her off in style. It doesn't really feel like she is going to be leaving. to be honest, she is one of the greatest missionaries I have ever met. Of all the sister missionaries I've been able to work with, she is the one that has taught me the most about how to be a better missionary. It will be sad to see her leave.

News item number three, we have two new sister missionaries in our district for the next couple of weeks. All the missionaries that are serving in Pasto are in Cali for a couple of weeks.  There are so many festivals and parties going on in Pasto this time of the year that no missionary work will get done. The two sisters are Sister Gonzalez and Sister Venas. One is from Peru and the other from Argentina. Sister Gonzalez knows a lot of English. She lived in Utah for a time. She lived in Ogden. It was really cool to talk a little bit about that.

Found really great investigators this week.  We found a guy that had met with the missionaries a long time ago. He has a book of Mormon that is the blue one with the statue of Moroni on the cover. We have been visiting him and he really wants to change his life. We are working with another investigator named Mabel. Hopefully we can continue along with her.  We are just trying to find find find people to teach. It's been a little difficult in these last few weeks. We have had no investigators attend church. It's been really hard but we know that if we put in our part God will send us some good investigators. We have been working a lot with Gladys and Clara find investigators. They are the two sisters that were baptized a few weeks back.

They are also planning to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead next month. It is really great to see your converts or the people that you were able to work with to be converted, to see their progress. They are so excited to go to the temple.

New Year's, it was normal. We worked like normal but we were able to stay up late and watch the fireworks from our apartment. We went up to the third-floor of our apartment building and watched the fireworks for 30 minutes. We had some good food.  I had a passion fruit cake. We played Uno a lot.  That was about it. It was great.

My studying is going good. We were able to get some good language studying. My companion is really helping me find tune a lot of things in Spanish.

It's still hot here, but it has been raining the past few days. Today we went and ate with all of the zone at a restaurant that I had been to while I was serving in Jamundí. It is called Brasileros.  It is a Brazilian Grill, lots of steak! It was grand.

This week has been good. I am really focusing on how to feel the spirit better and what I've learned is that we need to pray, listen to good music and keep the Commandments. That includes the schedule of the mission. I've been really happy about that and it has been great.

This week is the final week of this transfer. I really don't think I'll be going anywhere soon. I really believe this area is the first that I will spend six months in. I feel like that will happen, don't know why. I have learned something in each area and possibly there is something God has for me to learn here.

Well guys I love you, have a great week.

Elder Pead

Zona Villa Colombia

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