Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 70- More photos from Christmas

Hey guys,

It was a great 24th.  After we Skyped, we actually went to a lesson. We found a man who wants to listen to us. His name is Ofelio. He is really cool. We had a great day on the 24th.

On Christmas Day, well we actually could not leave the apartment. We went to do an activity we had planned with the ward to give out some Books of Mormon along with some treats to a few families. We were starting our activity when the zone leaders called and told us we needed to go home. Apparently some missionaries got robbed on the 24th. It was a little boring having to stay home. But we understood why when we were walking home, there was no one in the streets. There is a Fair going on here from the 25th till the 31th.

I'm really happy that you guys had a nice Christmas. That you were able to spend some time with Dallas and today with Iris. Sounds like fun watching movies in the theater room and all.

I was really happy that I got to talk with Darren and Mel and the kids. I didn't know you could do a conference call on Skype like that. That was the greatest thing ever. That made my day. You don't even understand how much that made my day. It made my week even.  Everyone is so big.  I love my cousins.

That is so awesome that you're able to see Jeffrey before he enters the Provo MTC. That is super great. He is going to love his mission. He will be a great missionary.  Devon is leaving in January on his mission. Awesome. Sam has her papers in. Wow, that is awesome. I didn't know she was planning on going. That is so cool, the work goes on.

Yes, I am getting along good with my companion. He's a hot mess but he is great.

This week is been a good one. Kind of starting again. Christmas time is hard, not too many people want to listen. We are finding a lot of families. We have contacted a lot and are going to be teaching a few. It's great to be able to teach whole families. A goal of mine is to baptize a complete family. So we will keep working at it.

I'm really happy. We had a great Christmas. We have a great district. The sisters are awesome. Hope you enjoyed the pictures I sent. The sisters say thank you for the candy you sent. They really did appreciate that.

Thanks for the pictures you sent of you and Jarrett eating at Cafe Rio.  Are you trying to make me jealous? I really miss Cafe Rio.

Thanks for the gifts and treats you sent.
Loved all of it.

Love you guys.
Elder Pead

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