Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 67 - Got Sick

Hey guys,

I read your letter, wow a BYU game and a Jazz game.  Sounds like you guys had fun this week. That's great that Jarrett had a fun time at the game.

Sela is going home this week?  Wow, just wow. (One of Dallin's friends is returning from her mission.)

I don't know what Eric did to end up in the mission office.(Dallin's friend serving in Ecuador) All he told me in an email was, it should be an adventure.

Nice pictures you sent of Jarrett, he makes me laugh.

Yes, I heard about the elections in Venezuela yesterday. That's good, that should be a good start.

Well this week, don't get too worried but, I was sick for like four days. Kind of like the flu or something like that I don't know. It was horrible and I was like yeah this isn't very good. We were all geared up to have a great week this week and then I got sick. The first day I got up and did some work. The second day I could not get up. The third day I could not work. The fourth day I was able to get out and work a little and then after that I was fine.  Yesterday was perfect, I wasn't sick at all. Now my companion is sick. Today he's feeling a little better.

This week we are pretty much starting new again. We are working hard and we'll see how it goes. We really don't have anyone to teach but we are looking for new investigators. Working a lot with members to get references. We will find some great people to teach. I know we will.

I made lots of food this week. Being at home I had more time to cook. I made chocolate chip waffles. I made orange juice. I made bacon and scrambled eggs. I made that for lunch for us yesterday. My companion really wanted to taste an American breakfast. It was good except for I forgot to take out the seeds in the orange juice, that was interesting.

Everything is awesome. We have been happy this week things are going OK.
That's pretty much it this week. We are just going to keep working hard this week.
Also will be sending a few pictures this week.

Your son,

Elder Pead

The District
The grand americano breakfast

He Likes!

Elder Pead gets emotional.

Saying goodbye to my dear grandpa Elder Perez

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