Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week 66- A Bucket full of Sunshine

Hey mom and dad,

Everything is going good this week. Glad you guys had a happy Thanksgiving with everyone there. I actually had thanksgiving here as well. It was great.

We had two baptisms this week. Gladys and Clara. I am just super happy, they are so great. They are some of the strongest converts I have met. They are striving so much to become more like the Savior.  They love the book of Mormon and are getting a lot of fellowshipping from the ward.

I have a new companion this week. He actually came little bit earlier than normal. He came last week on Tuesday. His last area was Pasto.  My old area there. He knows my converts. Well not my converts but the spirits converts. I am so happy. He is great.  His name is Elder Requilme.  He is from Chile. My first Chilean companion.

We have done a lot this week. It has been a really good week. This week I think I have worked the hardest of my mission. I feel very good. I felt something different this week. I decided this week that I was going to work very hard. I wanted to share with you something special about this week. I have been trying to be very diligent this week. I have felt the spirit a lot this week. As I was taking the sacrament this week, I felt a joy and tranquility that came over me. The words came into my mind that said This Is Conversion.  I really do feel that I am being more converted unto this gospel. When we really do put our work ahead of us and do the things that God wants us to do you can see his hand in things.  I didn't know what was going to happen this week. With the surprise transfer of my companion, and with the baptismal service planed and you never know what might happen. There's always certain things that seem to come up every time. Things did happen and we had to work really hard.  The sisters turned around their area. We are turning our area around. We are doing better. I feel good and more at peace. I feel happy. I am a bucket full of sunshine!

This week with sister Mendez leaving, don't worry we sent her off in style, we were talking about the mission. I realized I have now 15 months in the mission. Hard to believe. She reminded us that the mission really never ends. As you go home you keep going, forever a missionary. I feel really good here, I know that I can continue on and do good. I am looking forward to doing the best I can. With these continued feelings of conversion towards the gospel, I know that I need to continue forward, you can never go back. This area is great, my district is awesome. This is been the hardest area of my mission. I know that I can continue to have success. I just have to continue to do my work. I feel like I'm giving it my all. I cannot tell you how much I feel that I have changed.  Today is the day.

Have a great week.

Elder Pead

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