Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 62

Hey mom and dad,

This week was actually, a good week. We found some good people to teach.  This week I had a split with one of the zone leaders.  He was also my zone leader in Pasto.  Well he came and spent some time with me.  Also one of the assistants to the president came and was with us.  To be honest it was great.  I learned a lot.  We talked about how we as children of God can do great things.

We have been doing a lot of street contacting the week.  I haven't like to do street contacting but now it is getting fun.  We have found some good people.  We have 11 new investigators this week.  Some might not progress very well.  Others are really great.  One family has a family member who is a recent convert.

We just have to keep doing the best we can and really put forth the effort.  I have always loved being here in the mission.  This week I have been thinking a lot about why I am here.  Do I want to do things I want to do or things God wants me to do?   I have been putting this to the test and I have learned a lot.  I am very happy.  I feel good.

Also I am trying to do more bonding with my companion so we can be better friends and companions.  I have learned to have more patience and be humble.  Also to be grateful for what I have.

Also I learned to not eat so many papas rellenos ( stuffed potatoes). Been eating a lot of those lately.

Glad you guys had a great week and had a fun Halloween.  I saw the photo you sent.  You look happy.  Jarrett's mustache is really freaking me out.

Thanks for all your advice.  I read it over and over through the week.  It really helps.  We always need to look at ourselves and change for the better.

Love you guys,  have a great week

Elder Pead

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