Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 52- One Year Mark

WOW ONE YEAR. Weird, but cool.

Hey Mom and Dad it's your son Dallin, everything is good here in ol gorgona.

We had Monica and her son Sergio came to church!!! They are so great! They will be baptized the 12 of this next month! I'm so happy!!!! They are golden. Serigo is so great! He went to an activity for the primary and well... he loved it. His mother as well is so happy.  I don't want cambios(transfers). i'd rather stay here for like.... ever. Elder Mendez and I are like, great friends! he is too cool.

Let's see. Um we are going good with operation casa capilla. Our next part of the project  is finding a new bus and a disembarko(Bus stop) in the area.

Oh yeah I got the package but it's in the office because the secretarios forgot to give it the Sister Pricoli.

Legoland.. LEGOLAND WHAT WAHT WHAT(We had some good friends come through on their way to Legoland.)
I want to gooooooo, and play with legos... because they are so expensive here.

I want you guys know i love you. The mission is great. It's weird I've been out for a year . I really love it. I feel good you know with no regrets. Some days it's hard, but i feel good good good. I also don't like saying I have a year, I just say I have time in the mission. No trunky here.

Love you guys.

Have a great week.

Love your son, who will see you in a year(you know, if he doesn't try to extend his mission)

Elder Pead


  1. Just found your blog. Or maybe it's you family post for you. What ever. I served my mission in Cali in the late 90's. It was such a great experience and I've enjoyed reading some of your posts. My first area was in Pasto. I was there for six months. The rest of the mission people said I had and Pasto accent. I hope you enjoy your mission, and the fruit drinks. Oh I still have dreams about the fruit drinks.

    1. Jared, This is Dallin's father. Thanks for your comment, I have sent it to him. Pasto looks and sounds like a great place.