Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 49

Hey dad hey mom,

So this week has been fun. We are working hard and well. Working hard and well. Working, you guessed it, hard.

My new comp is very different. Likes to work, but sometimes naw. so you know, I gots to be on his tail about it. But I treat him well about it. Promise him stuff and well, yeah. That works. Sticken to my guns if you catch my drift.

Well,  we have two families we are working with to get them married and then baptized.

Things with the district are well. I'm now not the only English elder in my zone. so yeah. 2 Californians  and well, meee.
so yeah, good. Got lots to do.

Sorry this week's Letter is short. Just lots of stuff to do and to move. We see small miracles everyday. it's great.  I love Villagorgona, love the people, love you guys. Love everything.

Love your son.

Elder Pead

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