Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 45

Hey Dad, it's  your son Dallin Travis Pead.

Writing you a quick letter. It seems like time is not on my side anymore. I'm glad you have a lot of work and stuff going on. It's always good to have stuff going on. Like you always told me "it's good to be busy."

Tell grandma I'll keep her in my prayers. I hope she gets better soon. Tell grandma and grandpa I miss them also. Tell Austin that it is great that he is doing a good job taking over for me and helping grandpa.

Yeah, I kind of forgot about the Fourth of July. A sister in my district had to remind me. She is from Mexico. She drew an American flag in her hand and said Elder Pead Elder Pead it's the 4th July. And I was like oh yeah.

Oh and also, speaking of the package you sent me but never came, it showed up this week. So you don't need to send me another one, I'm fine. I got it this past week so tranquilo my father.

It seems I can't speak English anymore. It's kind of weird but I am really starting to get a hold of Spanish really well. The people are saying that during our lessons I speak very well. The only thing that I seem to struggle with is on our invitations. But it is getting a lot better.

Speaking of the package, thanks for everything, the pants are nice they are just a hair big I am size 34 now. I bought some pants for my previous companion but I don't know what size they are, they were tailor-made and they fit me very well.

This week has been a week of trying to figure out how I can help my district. I'm still a little confused on what I should be doing. A little confused on what I need to do to help them.  I went on divisions with some elders in my district. I went with Elder Barvina, he was in my previous zone, he was actually the companion to Elder Skinner when we were in Pasto. It went really good. He is Elder Coca's companion now.

Everything is going great, still  have a lot to do and figure out. I know we can do it,
So if anyone has advice to send me on how to be a good district leader and help the members of my district please send it to me.

That's pretty much my week. Trying to become a better missionary and focus on how I am treating the other missionaries. Trying to be a better missionary.

I love that picture you sent of you and grandma. It was funny that you told me about all the things that grandma was dealing with and was in the hospital, but hey you're able to get a selfie with her so everything is OK.

I am once again the English leader in my zone. That is due to the fact that I am the only Gringo in my zone. We have a very small zone and my district is the biggest district of the zone.  The zone leaders are coming up with ideas to help me and I am waiting for a letter from the president to also help me with a few things.

I am going to read Mom's letter she sent me now and tell her I will send her a response to her letter.

Love you guys Super Duper much, have a great week.

Elder Pead

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