Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 46 Special Mission Broadcast

Thanks for the tips. I'll make sure to put them into practice!

This week has been fine. Got lots to do in Gorgona. We got a bus to take members to church here and so it's a little cheaper to go to church!  So hopefully that will help the menos activos(less actives) and all.  Also our wallets.

I really love juice so you know. When I come home we will only make our juice from fruit.  Lots of juice.

Okay back to the letter. We had a baptism this week of Jose Luis Armero!  He is so great!  A great convert and a real conversion. He will do great. We have two investigators who are really good. A mother and daughter and hopefully they will have their baptisms in the next weeks.

So yea, I loved that you saw me in that stream.(The Cali Colombia Mission is celebrating 40 years and they had a special meeting Sunday evening.  They sent a link for parents of missionaries to watch live.  Dallin was in the choir.)  I hope you liked it.

Oh and for fourth of July, I bought a mountain dew. Tell Austin the 4th isn't the same without a dew.  haha

Love you guys, have a great week and will talk with you soon.

Elder Pead

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